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Oops, still pretending?

Some people cannot admit to losing somebody, so they invent an imaginary spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/or friend to fill that gap.

You fool nobody but yourself sugar. But it is funny. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

[Fan acc] Sweet Memory – stalk APINK

 Sweet Memory – stalk APINK

Có lẽ nên viết fan acc bắt đầu từ chiều ngày 26 khi bạn vừa ngủ dậy lên check fb đã đập vào mặt cái tin APINK ĐẾN VIỆT NAM & 1 đống ảnh 2 con bạn đi Fansign SISTAR. 3,110 more words

Fan Acc

The Dude Abides: What the American Idol Top 10 Should Sing for 80s Week - Jax

WHAT SHE SHOULD SING:“Every Breath You Take,” The Police
Ohhhh, so cliché you say? False.

You think I’d recommend a typical choice for one of the contestants I think can win the damn thing? 328 more words

American Idol

Oh dear, so very very true.

Trolls, stalkers and cowards always want to be the King or Queen B, until they are found out, then they either run for the hills or run to the authorities. 16 more words


This is a series of two conversations between CC and a person that grew up with us in our neighborhood, three years older than us. There are some single  messages from him in between the two conversations. 2,763 more words


Hive mind

There are one or two things on my mind at present. Nothing negative …but fairly demanding things I need to deal with. Part of me knows full well that, should all go according to plan, I will enjoy the whole process. 798 more words


15 Ready-Made Greeting Cards For Stalkers To Send To Their Loved Ones

If you’re trying to win someone’s heart, maybe it’s not the best idea to leave a dirty piece of looseleaf paper with a message written in your own blood under their windshield wiper. 144 more words