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Bullied by strangers

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Everyone's Gone Psycho On Facebook!!

So I was in this closed group that posted jokes. It was a free for all/ no holds barred meme festival and it tended to get a tad bit rowdy. 546 more words

Just My Thoughts


Narcissists and stalkers please be on your guard around my blog. I have just installed a security system, that is undetectable to stalkers, narcissists, harassers,cyberbullies, and anybody in general who just does not like what i have to say. 6 more words

Puppeteers with earrings.

I seen this very strange puppet head in a store near to where i live (this is a picture of the same one, i found on google) It seems to be a fortune teller from a gypsy family. 48 more words

Am i beautiful ?

Beauty is skin deep. I love this post by Margaret Cho. If you believe you are beautiful, then you are beautiful. What does it matter what others think about the way you look? 49 more words

Narcissists dont like drama? hahahahahahaha

In my experience i never seen a narcissist turn their back on anything dramatic. They like to be in the middle of anything that is going on. 36 more words

Confession of a Thespian: RENT Audition

So I guess this is becoming a thing. Alright! Let’s do this!

So this happened the other day actually. Everything I’m saying it true. I’m not making this up. 1,171 more words