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When wannabe haters try to use my comebacks. They aren't even original.

But they expect me to waste my time with their nonsense when they use my comebacks and just change the words to suit their slander. LOL! 259 more words

Chub Rub

Three years ago you promised that you’d love me forever
But I loved a boy back home then so I said never
Some girls get diamonds and fancy things… 347 more words


I Ain't Got No Life Bihhhh!!!!

There are millions of people on social media but there are a million more people who are on social media ALL DAY LONG. There is that one person, one follower, one stalker, who comments and likes everything you post. 425 more words

The Truth

14 Love Songs That Are Really About Stalking

Every once in awhile I listen to my favorite love songs and realize heeeyyyyy this is like a step by step plan for stalking. Most of them are meant to show the intended how much the singer loves them but it just comes off as creepy, aggressive and scary. 672 more words

Amy's Story...Part 3

(To read from the beginning visit Part 1 and then Part 2)



He pictured Amy, hanging in the root cellar.  He knew of her excruciating pain.   825 more words


Amy's Story: Part 2

(To read Part 1 first visit Survive: Amy’s Story)

Recap:  Our protagonist, Amy, awakens to darkness.  She’s hanging, from rusty shackles, that are biting painfully into her bleeding ankles.  992 more words


The kook Zombie Diva going nuts on the stats click. I'm waiting for the loon to do something new, you've done that before.

9 unique visits and 118 clicks and 75 search terms all from Zombie Diva

Told ya’ll. . . even if I don’t update my blog the psycho clicker is still always here.