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Creeper Myth #6 - "I Can't Be Creepy Because I'm Scared of Being Creepy"

Apparently, there are people who lie awake at night wondering if they are sociopaths. The advice that they get that by now is bordering on being cliche goes something like “If you’re worried about being one, then you aren’t one. 1,402 more words

Persistence is not romance

A little while back someone I didn’t know replied to something I’d posted on Twitter. This, in itself, it not unusual, my account isn’t protected and part of the beauty of twitter is being able to talk to people who you haven’t met but who you share interests with. 1,478 more words


STOP! stalker time

This is the story of the time I went to a singles dance at church and ended up with a stalker.

Go ahead, read that again, laugh heartily, let it sink in… then realize I’m not making this up. 1,316 more words


Social Media - 6 Reasons Why You Should be YourSelf

In the era of social media and information communication technology, more and more people are having to deal with multi-personality disorder.

What does this term mean? 639 more words


Of My 3rd Anniversay and 10k views

Its official me and my blog, we married because I got a WordPress notification that wished me a happy anniversary whoop whoop it has been three years since I signed up. 429 more words


The Fine Art of Stalking...

I am you know, a stalker. We all are in the internet age, in fact, metaphorical voyeurs. For the first time in history, we have the ability to document our lives as if we were all celebrities. 414 more words