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Ain't nobody got time for Rulebooks and Bad Neighbors

Let me explain what a “rulebook” is in my world.  It’s that person who goes by the book on everything and if you slip up (according to their rules), they make a big stink. 1,315 more words

best quote for stalkers

Don’t watch me out.😒

even your eyes are bigger than your Brain 👀 👀

How To Tell the Difference Between a Nice Man and a Predator -s.

I went running yesterday. Usually I stay in my apartment complex and run in circles, which I find incredibly boring. One reason is to avoid taking a spill because of the cracks and uneven places on the sidewalk, but another reason, another big reason is so I don’t have to hear or see anyone else. 502 more words

Narratives Of Southern Identity

My Best Friend's Daughter Just Showed Up On My Doorstep, And I Don't Know What To Do

“She said that if I was ever in trouble, I should come to you for help.”

Goddamn. What exactly did I fuck up in my life to deserve this? 3,776 more words

Random 5 for January 31 – Squirrels, Jeopardy, Facebook, Groundhog Day, Exercise

Hey yo! – I’ve been feeding the squirrels during the snowstorm. If I am not on the ball, someone knocks on my window!

Jeopardy! – 370 more words

For Animal Lovers Only

Dear Keyboard Ninja

Dear Keyboard Ninja,

I don’t know who you are or where and how you fit into all of this. All I know is that your intentions in making contact was malicious from the start. 548 more words


Instagram User Threatens Beyoncé’s Life; Tina Knowles Contacts Authorities

An Instagram user is learning not to mess with Beyoncé as the singer’s mother and the Beyhive are putting him on the radar of authorities. 194 more words

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