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You Don't Know Me...

Well, look who’s a rock star now.

Okay, I didn’t expect to be a young female rock star – ever – but here it is. 868 more words

Science Fiction

A Hero's Hero

Julian Rinaldi and his upcoming story. An expose of Internet predators and how to put them Troll Hunter!

A teaser poem for Julian, we love you dude! 54 more words

Life Alert

Quite Eventful

It’s been quite eventful lately. Of course a certain someone is playing the innocent Christian Caucasian girl… Claiming to be sooooo unique and original. Accusing others for pressuring conformity on her. 779 more words

reality check

she was no go
from the get go
though you think she’s with you still

your desire
like a fire
having long consumed your will… 81 more words


Gang stalkers van de opleiding, waar gaan die daarna dan werken?

Ik heb een lange lijst met mensen die mij vanuit Heino (geboortedorp), Raalte (VWO), en Groningen (universiteit) hebben lastig gevallen. Je vraagt je dan af, of ze het niet moeilijker hebben met het vinden van een baan. 84 more words


Creepers keep creepin

After attempting to take a sneaky picture of a girl this week, I got caught and was given a death stare so I didn’t attempt again. 573 more words