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How to figure out deceitful people who try to make you feel insecure

As you know I dealt with a lot of abuse and jealous people, I learnt to see through them with time. So I am going to share a tip here, people have different nature, but it works most of the time. 421 more words

Self Love

Masked people

I am part of few WhatsApp group and admin of few. Last week I had a very disturbing experience when few members of the group would refuse to introduce themselves in the group, They would make lame excuses of privacy. 111 more words


Tuesday Tea Talk: How to Catch and Confront Your Stalker

What a week, Cookers!!

Today is gonna be a different sort of blog. As most of you know last weekend I ran across a situation where I caught a stalker red- handed. 3,134 more words

Tuesday Tea Tag Talks

GET RID OF STALKERS! The perfect solution.

Most stalking cases end up in rape or murder.

You don’t have to look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt to have a stalker.

Anyone, no matter what you look like can have a stalker. 338 more words

Cherry picking, eh, Jordan Greaney?!!

Hypocritical little prick aren’t you, Jordan Greaney?!!

Check out the name calling by Dawn N. Winkler-Huffman and Joseph A. Bader towards roverazul yet you didn’t report it to Brian Tayler Mayer, eh?!! 49 more words

Deaf People

The periodic blogger returns.

Hello world!

.. and so forth. Welp, its been 10+ years since I’ve started this current blog and only a handful of posts have been added. 467 more words