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No one  is perfect in this world. We are all striving for that perfection in our own little ways . Human beings are very complicated , especially females . 660 more words


Stalkers (2015) is a short sci-fi/action film written and directed by Galar Egüén for RQR Media. Starring Daniela Bautista as “Ámbar Voladora”, Marta Real as “Winny”, and Mónica Galilea as “Ulia”. 235 more words

Short Films

The Magic of Omegle

​Ahhh~ Omegle. The place where online predetors try and get underage kids to do sexy things. Or in other words, the land of d**ks for men who don’t understand that PornHub exists. 1,130 more words


Epic Fighting Skillz

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I ghosted everyone. Right now there are ~5 men who expect to hear from me regularly, though 2 I don’t sleep with. 1,299 more words

Happy New Years

Gale and I had a bit of a party planned. It would have been nice had we not eaten a lot of the food before the night actually started. 435 more words


Bad Mommy

Bad Mommy by Tarryn Fisher

3.5 stars!

“How can you love someone who, in their essence, was a miserable, destructive wretch? We love ourselves, don’t we? 350 more words