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by Paul Beckman

I checked my email for her address (4th time) and rang the doorbell.

A redhead (I think) with her hair filled with rollers the size of flashlights answered the door. 518 more words

Flash Fiction

An Alisa Review: Love on the Rocks by J.P. Bowie

Rating:  3 stars out of 5

Waking up on a pile of rocks with a bullet in his shoulder isn’t something Joe Brady saw coming, but perhaps the cute paramedic who finds him can do more than just help heal his wound. 423 more words


Views on Social Media

Social Media’s Negative Effects on Society

Social media is something that is commonly used among many different age groups and different types of people. There are a variety of types of social media apps and websites, all made to allow people to share information and personal interests. 965 more words


5/22/2019 - Therapist Brittany Henderson Witnesses mass mobbings at Peets Coffee

Once again, I talk about my life, My fathers lies to the world about me supposedly stealing 10k from him because he didn’t want me building cars… 1,083 more words

Community Mobbing

Night Raid

This game adapts to lots of different themes depending on who the sentinels and the stalkers pretend to be.  It is similar to the Bell Stalking Game… 147 more words


A simple house walk through to showing their are no atomic bombs

Since Lead Officer Sean Dinse, My father Ron Perelman, Lorena Escobar are trying to either planet things on me to remove me from society, or try to get anything to use against me. 1,363 more words

Community Mobbing

5/21/2019 - Brittany Henderson at Woodland Hills Jamba Juice witnessing group mobbings and expanding on my life

On this session we talk about my life, and the situations as well as the reasoning of these escalating wildfire of 42 year stalkers to remove me from society… 1,159 more words

Community Mobbing