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Yes, the Name of the Fae Horse Matters

Does a horse mentioned in a romance novel need a name?

If you’ve read the books in the Highland Gardens series, you may recall that Caitrina rides a white stallion. 289 more words

Dawn Marie Hamilton

Finnhorse covering statistics 2017

From Lämminveristen ravihevosten astutusmäärät nousussa, suomenhevoset edellisen vuoden tasolla (Hippos.fi 3.11.2017)

Costello was the most popular stallion in 2017 with 116 covered mares. This was his first year standing at stud. 244 more words


Feminine Leadership

That’s one of my mares telling one of the geldings to move.

In the horse world, it is pretty much all FEMALE leadership. The alpha mare is the one who decides where the herd grazes today, when they move on, where they will stand in the stand to swish flies, when they will go to water, and even who the stallion will breed. 421 more words


Why Are There So Many Stallions?

Now you’ve read on my blog that I’ve got a problem with people who breed their mares and stallions simply because they have a set of registration papers with some famous horse’s name on them (usually four to six generations back-which genetically speaking means that the horse in question has ABSOLUTELY no influence on the quality of any offspring of this particular horse. 469 more words


Satin and Cinders


For many years, I’ve stood in the protection of the forest watching, longing. She is the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen with her satiny white coat, long silky mane, and tale. 517 more words

Writing And Music

The Black Stallion: Part 2

Camilla walked home, holding a bottle of whiskey. The house was quiet. The smell of alcohol and sweat filled the air. He was still here, asleep. 1,057 more words

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