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Liberate Stamford Hill: The Regeneration of British Nationalism

Whilst Liberate Stamford Hill will firstly and formally be a demonstration against the illegal and undemocratic shomrim police operating within the area of Hackney, Liberate will also be something much more important. 2,552 more words

Joshua Bonehill

Widespread Exploitation of Ilegal Immigrants as Domestic Slaves in Jewish Community

I stumbled on the following blog post while searching for other news relating to Stamford Hill in north London and discovered that exploitation of illegal immigrants as domestic slaves is common practice in the Jewish community, in London and most probably other parts of the country. 741 more words

Hackney Unites against anti-semitism

Hackney Planning Watch fully endorses the following statement by Hackney Unites. 

As a Hackney group working to unite the borough’s communities, we are disgusted that a virulent, and criminal anti-Semite (from Yeovil) has proposed a protest targeting the Jewish community of Stamford Hill. 110 more words


Degenerate politicians attempt to proscribe Liberate Stamford Hill and crucify Joshua Bonehill

Conservative Party degenerate, drug-taking advocate and prolific homosexual, Andrew Boff has written to Boris Johnson the Mayor of London and has asked for our peaceful demonstration to be banned. 912 more words

Joshua Bonehill

Stamford Hill doesn't need liberating, Stamford Hill is already free.

There is a protest being planned to take place in Stamford Hill on March 22nd.
This protest has been dubbed by the organisers as ‘Liberate Stamford Hill’, however, its true… 334 more words

Great Meeting: What's Next?

This was the scene when over 100 people attended a meeting to hear about the proposed Area Action Plan in Stamford Hill and how the community could engage with the consultation  391 more words


An Urgent appeal: The Jewification of Great Britain

I want to draw your attention to the on-going foreign occupation of a White district in London. Stamford Hill, a district of London, based in North Hackney under the parliamentary control of prolific Labour Party Racist, Diane Abbott, has been taken from the White man and occupied by the foreign Jewish enemy. 1,088 more words

Joshua Bonehill