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New Stamp Sets from Imetrum Make Marking of Specimens for Use with Video Extensometers and DIC Systems Repeatable, Accurate and Hassle-Free

Bristol, UK, November 11, 2015: Imetrum, a leading developer of non-contact video measurement systems has developed an innovative set of specimen markers that eliminate problems associated with the usual marking methods such as spray paints. 401 more words

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Last Day to Save on Stampin' Up! Stamp Sets

I love sales, especially when they have to do with crafting :) It’s been great to talk to my friends and colleagues about the stamps that they are planning to get and what I should get. 240 more words

Stampin' Up!

Stamp Set Sale and the Weekly Deals for October 20th to 27th

Stamp sales are the best sales, and this one is no exception! Save 15% off retail on stamp purchases October 19-23. These sales are rare, so now is the time to get your wishlist out and start checking off a few items! 411 more words

Stampin' Up!

15% Off Stamps!!

We just received some fantastic news this morning! I could barely contain myself when I found out. Starting October 19th, stamps will be discounted 15% off… 95 more words

Stampin' Up!

5 Interview Tips I Learned the Hard Way

I had three job experiences prior to graduating college. Although each interview was different, they all had one thing in common: stressing me out. I remember asking my mom and dad for advice. 867 more words

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My (not so big) Big Realization

Sometimes I get caught up in the small things in life. I’m in this bubble filled with all the things on my to-do list floating around: vaccum the floors, figure out dinner, pay the rent, call about the washer getting repaired, get my tires aligned, get some exercise, finish work; the list goes on. 454 more words

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7 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Post-College Job Hunting

I turned 22 a month after graduating from college.  This was the first time in my life that I didn’t give a shit about my birthday.  985 more words

Finding A Career

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