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Coffee to go mug

A¬†coffee to go mug with stamped images on a background made with Bistre. I used stamps from Different Colors (flowers and leaves) and Stampin’ Up (words)

Stamped Cards

Fantasy with wax and shellac

This encaustic painting is done on a 50 x 60cm canvas.

Stamped Cards

Happy accident

Here is an Encaustic painting with golden shellac. Accidentally a piece of tissue took place on it while I was working with the heat gun. It became immediately saturated with wax and so I covered the unexpected eye catcher with golden shellac.

Stamped Cards

Card of the day 5

This was my card captain week for september.

My card for today is again an encaustic card with embossed stamps.

Stamped Cards

Card of the day 4/Technique Thursday

today I am a bit lazy and you will get a technique and card from a few years ago.

Stamped Cards

Card of the day 3

Also today I show you an encaustic card with stamps.

Stamped Cards

Card of the day 2

For today I used encaustic leftovers to make a woven card, decorated with an

embossed “Cloisonne Accents” stamp by Michael Strong.

On green linen cardstock it is embedded in a wooden frame.

Stamped Cards