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Degeneracy of Nerd Fandoms of Kids' Stuff

I have been saying for some time now. Whenever you have stuff initially/usually aimed at kids that attracts certain adults, it’s bound to become niche easily. 506 more words

The Flash

Every Woman Is Alexis Frulling

When I first heard about Alexis Frulling, I was quick to disgust. For the few of you in the universe who don’t know her, she’s a woman who got recorded having a threesome with two male friends/faux cowboys in a back alley downtown in my city, Calgary, during Stampede. 2,749 more words


First Do No Harm

This is how it’s going to go:
I’ll start to write a verse although
I have no purpose, point or plan
Except to do the best I can… 39 more words


Entitled Fans and Bad Quality Programming

Here’s the thing that I hate about a lot of nerd fandoms, they’re overly entitled, demanding and selfish. They want a programme to heavily cater to them, even at the expense of not only casual audiences but also other fans who don’t want anything to do with what they want. 280 more words

The Flash

Disturbing similarities between SJWs and fundamentalists

Over on the Internet, there are a lot of SJWs who complain about women dressing scantily. From my experience that’s practically the same statement some Christians make of fashion models, unbelieving women on the streets, actresses and musicians. 965 more words


Where I said that the Flash is anime

As I said elsewhere, the Flash is imitating many of anime’s most embarrassing cliches. Most especially harem anime in particular. Harem anime revolve around a lot of relationship/couple teasing especially whenever it’s between the protagonist and various women while you have jealousy, there’s little possibility of break-ups, out-of-wedlock births and STDs. 167 more words

The Flash

That One Time... We Threw A Party

“That One Time” is another new exciting RLGT series that we will be introducing regularily, mid-week. Similar to “story-time”, “That One Time” will detail specific moments in our life, whether they be important landmarks, or just random, hilarious stories. 475 more words