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103 days until Stampede! (I'm allergic to this post.)

Here’s a little secret about myself. Well it’s not much of a secret… I love chuckwagon racing! The whole gosh darn season! From Grande Prairie to Rocky Mountain House and all the races in-between! 690 more words


Cows Are Deadlier Than You Ever Knew

Every year, cows kill more people than sharks. And yet nobody ever makes a horror movie about them, and there’s no Cow Week. These deadly beasts have managed to stay completely under the radar… until now.

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The Struggle

I’m supposed to blog about things “the people” talk about. The Bachelor (finally) ended on Monday, so I could talk about it. I like hockey, which reaches a large audience. 707 more words

Mild but sarcastic pictures used in the Shanghai stampede coverage

The previous blog analysed the literal content of the report “Censors suppress Shanghai stampede coverage as blame game begins” from the South China Morning Post, and this article will focus on the appliance of pictures in this report. 190 more words

A distinctive report among Shanghai tragic stampede coverage

On the last day of 2014, a tragic stampede occurred in Shanghai, causing 36 people killed and 49 injured. On 2nd January 2015, an article from the South China Morning Post uncovered the truth of how the local media was strictly censored by Shanghai authorities. 219 more words

Roomies vol. 1

There was this dude in my ward named Brad (not to be confused with “volleyball Brad” who we nicknamed Brad because we could never remember his name and he bore a striking resemblance to a character from the TV series Home Improvement). 1,077 more words

The YSA Saga

Has Anyone In Their Lives Seen This Many Deer Cross a Road?

This is the scene in the movie when a herd of deer run past you seemingly scared out of their deer brains for no apparent reason and you give a puzzling look at your co-star and just then Godzilla tidal wave zombies comes out from the tree line and you book it too.   27 more words