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A newfound sensibility

It turns out that the audience for superhero media is more gender-balanced than previously thought in some surveys. No doubt that there’s a growing female presence in the industry though they themselves aren’t without their own problems. 128 more words

The new rockism

A massive plagiarism scandal will end up raising the bar for good musicianship. It’s not enough to compose one’s own music, play instruments and sing well. 177 more words

The goalposts keep moving

If a big plagiarism scandal hit the music industry, people will change their minds. From then on, bands that imitate and admit their influences will be regarded as unimaginative and untalented. 111 more words

Religion without organisation

One wouldn’t doubt that animism and shamanism predated organised religion. There are some cases where organised religion itself incorporates folk beliefs, animism and philosophy to form an interesting ideology. 175 more words

Is it an end of an era?

The Brony fandom is an infamous case of a male fandom for a girls’ programme but never the first. Their predecessors include Minky Momo fans, Kim Possible fans and Totally Spies fans. 173 more words

Timing for anime communities

Another reason why so many other anime fan communities are slow to accept database consumption the way their East Asian counterparts did is because they’re relatively younger and farther from the source. 164 more words

A fight over moe

Moe is the feeling of being strongly attached to certain traits and preferences. This leads to categorising characters with such traits, which is what the writer Hiroki Azuma had in mind. 141 more words