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08.28.15: Diplomatic Shuffle

At an event last night, Maduro laid out the conditions he wants met before he gives the order to re-open the border crossings in Tachira. He… 1,238 more words

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Tis the season to be angry

I have a feeling that if Season 2 introduces drastic changes to the Flash, I can expect a lot of things. First you have backlash from the Flash betraying his superhero roots. 192 more words

The Flash

My problems with geek feminist sites

A lot of the geek feminist websites I’ve been to from my experience sometimes focus on real life issues as any ‘interesting’ discussion is based on fandom and even these are narrow ones at that. 408 more words


The new 'disco sucks'

I compared superheroes to the disco craze before in that both of them oversaturated the market (with the latter in America at least) so badly that this prompted a heavy backlash. 598 more words

The Flash

Whither Flash

Superheroes have been dying ever since the market for superhero comics shrank as the Comics Code Authority faded in influence. It should be noted that there were non-superhero comics in the days of the CCA. 310 more words

The Flash