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The Hoba Meteorite - Fragment of a Dwarf Planet

“Beware of falling meteorites.” The warning on a sign next to the way to the meteorite on the farm Hoba, some 20 km west of Grootfontein, is a joke of course. 116 more words


Devil's Claw - Kalahari's Treasure

Kalahari’s sands harbour unusual treasure. The Devil’s Claw is one such gem, known to indigenous people for centuries for its medicinal properties. Although its name stems from the claw-like hooks of the thorny fruit, it is the secondary tubers of the Harpagophytum procumbens that are harvested for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. 523 more words


Okambulumbumbwa - Musical Bow of the AaWambo

Among the people of Namibia various musical bows are known. Basic types include one-stringed, unbraced bows without a resonator, such as the ancient hunting bow, which is also used as a musical instrument; secondly, single-stringed, unbraced bows with a notched stave without a resonator; unbraced musical bows with a resonator; braced, mouth-resonated bows and lastly braced bows with a resonator. 658 more words


Black Eagle - A magnificent Doyen of the Hills and Mountains

The black eagle or Verreaux’s eagle, as it’s officially called, is one of four large African eagle species – the others being the martial eagle, crowned eagle and our national bird, the African fish eagle – each specializing in a different ecosystem. 635 more words


Leopard Tortoise - Master of Survival

Few tortoise species are as well-known as the African leopard tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis, former scientific name: Geochelone pardalis). The reasons for being so easily recognised are their attractive markings, appealing size (in some areas females may reach up to 70 cm!) and their distribution throughout Africa. 629 more words

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The Caprivi Strip - Under Changing Administration

The previous episode focused on the history of the Caprivi until the German administration, which ended with the First World War.

As from 1914 the area was placed under South African military rule. 593 more words

Stamps And Stories

The Nama Padloper - Uniquely Namibian

Tortoises have always held a special fascination and attraction for us. With their timeless appearance and ponderous way of life on top of it they epitomise ‘prudence’ and ‘longevity’ like no other creature. 57 more words