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Friends Central Perk Pop Up Cafe in Sydney!

Friends Fans! You heard correctly. There’s a Central Perk Pop Up in Sydney!

One of my favourite TV shows in the 90’s was Friends so when I heard the coolest coffee shop in New York City was opening up in Hyde Park, I made it my mission to drop by and get myself an oversized Cup of Joe. 233 more words


breakup | Part Six.

I did expect him to say “yes come over” although I was being unsure of my feelings. And so probably was he. But instead he ignored this wish of mine entirely. 1,650 more words


breakup | Part Five.

I had a good sleep that night, to be honest. I wasn’t sure what I would reply to him, I wasn’t exactly angry anymore, yet not very happy about his answer either. 1,148 more words


breakup | Part Four.

He then got mad about me saying things like “I am afraid of you getting mad if I ask for a day off” would make him sad because I feel that way about him. 1,125 more words


breakup | Part Three.

Me: First of all about turning off my phone: I have always turned off my phone at work. Yes, I have not turned it on as much as I used to, but that’s because we’re overly busy at work and I work over time and do not have time to take my phone out of my bag. 1,443 more words


Selling The Cherry Orchard with STAN

STAN is not short for Stanislavski but Stop Thinking About Names, a Belgian theatre company founded in the 1980s dedicated to classic and modern work. I attended last Saturday‚Äôs performance of… 1,174 more words

breakup | Part Two.

…He told me how much of a shit person I was for taking the shower by myself. I explained to him once more, that I had thought he wouldn’t get up with me and that this was my morning routine – getting up after the alarm clock and going straight to the shower. 1,801 more words