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Child Support Basics in Tennessee

Child Support Basics in Tennessee from Stan Bennett A child support order can be modified down the road if circumstances warrant a modification. Must show a “Significant Variance” exists for a court to consider modification.   32 more words

Welcome everybody

Welcome everybody! The purpose of me doing this blog is to unite Eminem’s fans, providing the most recent news, pictures, songs and everything related to him.


Today's Word is... DISTRACTION

Right now I’m writing this, dinner is in the oven, I have a drink that Brady is determined to spill, so I have to keep throwing his ball in the opposite direction, I’m having multiple text conversations, awaiting my turn in Words With Friends and Trivia Crack,  the TV is on ESPN game but muted because I’m listening to The Internet’s “Just Saying/I Tried” on the stereo.  601 more words


South Park

Right now I’m watching South Park while looking through eBay. South Park is literally one of my favourite TV shows. I started watching it a couple months ago, it was my best friend who recommended the show to me so I decided to give it a go and I haven’t regret it ever since :) If you have the chance to watch it I would really recommend it to you. 11 more words