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Look in the mirror

Dear M,

We can never be together. There I said it, I had to. If I can’t be honest with you, who can? Listen, I appreciate the letter; nice to know somebody in this cold, blue world cares about me so dearly. 410 more words


I Bleed Love

Dear F,

When I cut my veins I don’t bleed the red of blood, I bleed the red of love. I bleed for you. See, sometimes I struggle to feel real, and only you can ground me in reality. 463 more words


Method of the month: custom likelihoods with Stan

Once a month we discuss a particular research method that may be of interest to people working in health economics. We’ll consider widely used key methodologies, as well as more novel approaches. 2,299 more words


It's The Sunglasses

A few days ago I ran across a random animated GIF on Twitter, and the d00d in it looked exactly like me from about a decade ago. 71 more words


Shattered feathers
break through the air
as they descend from above.

I never knew that
someone as beautiful as you
didn’t come where the feathers did. 187 more words

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