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Comedian, Monique claims that Netflix tried to deny her worth because she is a woman. More specifically a black woman. Monique took to Social Media to give her side of the story and why she feels this way. 236 more words


Comedy Now: 'The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale' Puts Netflix Back In The Late Night Game

Welcome to Comedy Now, a weekly column cataloging what comedy fans should know about what’s available in the streaming world. Whether it’s a brand new special, an old classic, or the oddball show that defies categorization, we’ll list as many as we can for your enjoyment right here. 1,005 more words

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What’s the Funniest Thing in the World to You?

The website is called it’s all pretty funny, right? So I reached out and asked people: “What is the funniest thing in the world to you?” And now, I will present all of the answers I received with some examples. 371 more words


Svenlopes by Sven Lee

Little envelopes, big impact!

Svenlopes is a utility device that will add a fresh update to your already existing svengali routines. There are also 22 routines (and plenty of printable images) included with the prop, which is very helpful, if you have never used a svengali method before.

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Former Sen. Bob Dole is bound to a wheelchair, but when the National Anthem began...

(National SentinelRespectful: Former Republican senator from Kansas and presidential nominee Bob Dole, who is 94 and bound to a wheelchair, sent the NFL a not-so-subtle message on Wednesday when he was honored on Capitol Hill. 228 more words

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A couple months ago, I had been reading “The Once and Future King”, by T. H. White. I stopped reading it midway, but there was a sentence in that book concerning Lancelot that stuck with me. 179 more words