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My Ru

He doesn’t know that he’s 80 years old. ..in dog years..

I didn’t realise how fast time would pass with the one who loves me more than anyone else.. 26 more words

At Peace

Tuesday morning I woke with a complete sense of peace. I had had the weirdest, most wonderful dream of Bodie and Matilda. While I don’t recall the beginning, the parts that strongly stuck in my mind were of watching the two of them interact. 333 more words


Morning Sun and Danger

Life is not always easy for a Puppy of 5 months! Especially on his morning walk.

Getting out the door is always a challenge. The first step is being allowed to put on my socks, without being attacked by my young friend. 649 more words


What's So Funny?

Things can get pretty silly around here, just when they ought to be serious! Waverley likes to ham it up, especially when we’re about to study French. 47 more words


The Easiest Vegan Dog Food Recipe EVER!

Call me crazy, but I believe one of the best ways to bond with my dog is to cook for him. Every Sunday, I make a big batch that is enough for a whole week. 256 more words

Plant-based Diet

Three ways to avoid life

1. Don’t care.

2. Don’t commit.

3. Don’t accept the reality that everything changes.


Yes, my dog is 90% vegan (and thriving).

Just over a year ago, we watched a documentary called Forks Over Knives. In the movie, a multitude of health and medical experts discussed the danger of animal protein and the undeniable benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet. 347 more words

Plant-based Diet