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Getting along

Lately it has come to my attention that there is some bad feeling between the purebred poodle folk and the doodle folk. I can’t say I am surprised, but I decided to do a little research and see what people were saying is so terrible about the other. 888 more words

Sun fun!

So, strangely, bright sunny days actually seem to be better for my seizures…go figure!

I had been worrying hugely about this summer, as I imagined the sunlight would mean entire days lost to seizures. 335 more words

Rescue Dog

Did you have a nice Purple Day?!

Purple Day is a day to raise awareness for epilepsy / seizure disorders, and today (26th March) is Purple Day!

Obligatory seizure info haha before we get to the fun dog stuff :) 629 more words

Rescue Dog

Amazon ruined phase 2 - training instead!

Kasper’s gift didn’t arrive for his gotcha, booo! Thanks Amazon Prime -__-

As soon as we knew we were definitely getting money next week, I raced onto Prime and trawled through five pages of dog toys, looking for a good yet cheap toy that had a guaranteed delivery date of 25th March (today, his gotcha). 408 more words

Positive Reinforcement

Kasper's 6th Gotcha: phase 1

My neck was causing pain all night so I didn’t sleep well, I finally woke at 6am with an agonising neck and a migraine.

My partner looked after me so well and fed me pain pills and gave me a massage, and a few hours later the pain had gone but I was having seizures…ugh!! 236 more words


Tomorrow we celebrate Kasper!

Tomorrow marksĀ SIX YEARS OF KASPER!

Yep, we’ll have owned the worst dog ever for six whole years…how the hell have we managed that, haha?! 329 more words


We smash a PA walk!!

Ah we had a really good day today guys :D

We started with some training in the house. This included an almost minute long down stay: 624 more words

Positive Reinforcement