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Some little guy is 19weeks old.  Learning to use the wobble board.

What color am I?

We were having an interesting conversation in a poodle group about poodle colors.  I hadn’t really given much thought to Grimm’s color, he’s a black poodle after all. 96 more words

Brag on Puppy Boy

Last night we made another trip to Lowe’s for some training.  Grimm is doing so well with his basics and even some beginning task work.  Obviously he is still a puppy, I don’t expect anything close to perfect.  261 more words


Look who is 18weeks.  Looking handsome big guy.

Hair cut

Some one got his first “big boy” hair cut.  We do face and paws every other week or so but this is the first time he has had his whole body done.  25 more words


17weeks today, with a Poppy helper.


Got his nails done, and his feet trimmed.  Another quick trip to Lowe’s.  More of the Halloween stuff is out but that is ok with Grimm.  19 more words