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What a day!

In a good way ;)

Firstly, the company I will be buying my CBD oil from sent a free sample, which arrived today…only it wasn’t just one free sample, it was two! 996 more words

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Let's finish this hike ;)

Wow am I glad we went out yesterday whilst the weather was nice, it’s TIPPING it down today!!

Sasha and Charley haven’t been walked, Kasper came home looking like a drowned rat, and my partner just called to say him and Tolly have been caught out in even heavier rain and will be home asap. 184 more words

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Hiking in the sun!

Today had a crappy start Рmy partner was trying to sort out money stuff and it lead to a cluster of seizures.

It took a while but it wasn’t as bad as the last few days, I ¬†returned to feeling fairly normal within a few hours :) 113 more words

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Yesterday was scary

I had way too many seizures yesterday.

After the night walk, I had back-to-back seizures for about half an hour, and was talking jibberish for 45 minutes after. 126 more words

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From Duck Hunter to Intelligent Companion - the Standard Poodle

Business consultant Richard Cantner has more than 25 years of experience in business operation and industrial engineering and possesses Business Continuity Professional and Small Business Development certifications. 260 more words

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I had a shit few days.

We had a terrible appt, huge money worries, Sasha decided some new wet food didn’t agree with her and has been poorly the last two days because of it, and thanks to all the stress I was being absolutely awful to my partner…it’s been rough. 313 more words

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Training, seizures and Sasha!

For the past 9 weeks I have been keeping a record of how many seizures I have each day.

Obviously it’s not the most accurate thing because if I forget I’ve had a seizure and my partner isn’t with me, it gets missed, but we record the ones we know about. 808 more words

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