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My take on socialisation

Several times recently I’ve seen others advising that people don’t socialise their puppy “too much”, an example being that a pet shop visit was too much for a 10-12 week old puppy. 1,023 more words

Rescue Dog


I have been a foster brother to a few dogs. My mam and dad help out the Doodle Trust by occasionally fostering a poodle cross breed to find them a new home. 479 more words

A Step Beyond

Sasha: 9 month update!

I’ve been kinda putting this off, because it’s gonna get lengthy, but I do want to write out all our successes and many, many frustrations :D… 1,067 more words

Positive Reinforcement

Happy 7th Birthday Boo!

Today has been Kasper and my partner’s birthdays.

I’ve had a really shit day. My worst day for seizures in this seizure-heavy week. Loads of guilt about being ill and ruining the day (for my partner especially) and to top it off we did a walk with my partner’s parents, our first time seeing them in a year, and one of the first things they said was “I thought she was supposed to be well trained?” about Sasha. 397 more words

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Yay Tolly! And a day out

Toller had her first check up since surgery today, and it sounds like it went really well!

(I can’t go to appts due to the lights at the vet, but my bf called me right after) 569 more words

Rescue Dog

TD Rally

I’ve had a go at a few bits of training and really enjoyed puppy and the follow on classes, so my mam was looking for something we could both enjoy. 494 more words

A Step Beyond

2 days after amputation

Toller is still doing great :)

Her pain meds make her very sleepy, so we have to adjust how long she is out her crate. Usually it’s 20-40 minutes. 307 more words

Border Collie