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Canine Conversations - You Missed the Westminster Boat By An Ocean

Sherlock and Shasta chatting today;

Sherlock: Oh my gosh! Shasta! OMG! Shasta! SHASTA! It’s awful. It’s horrid. It’s unthinkable.

Shasta: Slow down there my favorite Fruit Cake. 613 more words


All About the Hats

Happy Saturday to you all!

I must say, yesterday was a humiliating day for me.  My human pack has begun to ‘compare’ me to my cousin, Rosie.   253 more words

New Hole

There’s a new hole in the woods.

I wanted in.

It smelled sooooo good. There are definitely rabbits involved.

I tried to make the hole bigger so I could get down in there for a better look. 32 more words

Sleeping Squirrels

We went for a walk down the lane. And there it was. A sleeping squirrel. Lying in the middle of the lane. Waiting. Just for me! 294 more words

February 1st 2015

Yesterday I was at a small independent pet shop with Laufey (bought him a new coat, gorgeous kiddo) and anyway, I was talking to the shop owner (lovely lady who raw feeds her whippet who is a gorgeous boy) and was saying that I want a standard poodle. 93 more words

meditation buddy


at my feet

a poodle rests

as i attempt once again to be here now,

the poodle sighs and is.

The Now