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Watching the sun go down

“Sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful too” ~ BeauTaplin

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A Pooch Like My First

This is not my first dog but this pup is his spitting image. His name was Dino and he, unbeknownst to me at the time, was named after Dean Martin for his dark and lustrous hair. 132 more words


Super Sams aka Pawsome Pup

Sams is doing gr888 at 7 months old. He has now been neutered and just got out of his e-collar. Much to the relief of both of us! 125 more words


What is Happening?

Malape is playing in the garden with her friend Charlie.  They are romping, chasing, sniffing and having dog fun.  Suddenly, Malape can not walk normally!  She struggles to make her back legs work but they just won’t move the way they should.   41 more words


Daylie is an 11 year old 45 pound standard poodle. She is a sweet dog, good with other dogs and just wants a place to live out her golden years. 



Bruno is a 3 year old brown male standard poodle that was surrendered to a kill Shelter in SE Louisiana. He weighs about 43 pounds, but should weigh 55+. 19 more words


Nap time

When One is a Poodlette and it’s a Sunday afternoon, a nap is very much in order!

So many choices of where to nap!  The floor, the rug, the Poodlette bed, one of the two kennels One has, or…..of course, the most preferred position of all: 36 more words