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Empty Nesters

Alas, it seems the little birdies have flown the coop!

Or maybe Mom and Dad moved and just didn’t tell the kids where?

At any rate, the little birds have left.   189 more words


May Summer

i know the calendar says otherwise

but it seems summer may be here –

summer hair cuts




to everything there is a season. 16 more words

The Now

Bad Days, Good Days

Yesterday was not one of my best.

First 1 took me to the vets. I don’t really like the vets. Well, I like the people. I don’t really like them doing what they do. 635 more words

Puppy planning?

Whilst a puppy is definitely not on the cards for us at any point in the near future (we’re walking years here), not least because I don’t think I could cope with a third dog all under 2 (or 3 if we’re thinking slightly longer term). 736 more words


A girl and her Doodle

Here is Annie with Aussie McDoodle number 1. Nothing like a puppy to bring out a real smile. :-)

And all Sarah needs to smile is an end table to crawl under

General Life

Aussie McDoodle

Jane had puppies! Annie has named them all either Aussie McDoodle or Spinach.They are Aussiedoodles, blue merle, and really really cute. Here is a video of them. 49 more words

General Life