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Review: OWC Mercury Elite Pro Mini dual-drive external enclosure with RAID

One of the reasons I like Macs is that their useful life tends to be significantly longer than that of a typical Windows machine. This is especially true of the pre-Retina MacBook Pro models, where it’s trivial to upgrade both the RAM and the drive. 719 more words


RAID-0 Configuration in HP Proliant Servers for Beginners

This step by step tutorial is to demonstrate the basic steps for configuring RAID 0 in HP Server and is aimed at beginners and above. 418 more words

WD’s New SMB Backup Appliances Leverage Arkeia Software

At the beginning of this year, WD acquired Arkeia, a company with a long history in the primary backup software market. Arkeia was known in the industry as a technology leader in deduplication, with technology they acquired from Kadena Systems and integrated into their entire product line. 340 more words

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A Next Generation NAS Experience

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What is NAS?

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage allows a group of users to simply share data across a common network. Although standard external hard drives operate through a USB connection to a single computer, a… 305 more words

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Softraid and crypto for OpenBSD 5.3/5.4

DISCLAIMER: This how-to must be taken as is, it should not replace the official documentation and is not meant to do so. It may be useful as these features are quite new and not heavily documented on the net. 959 more words

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Types of RAID (Redundunt Array of Inexpensive Disks); HDD space required for configuration of RAID

A. Raid is a data storage method that includes a serial combination of several disks into one logical unit. There are different levels (5) of raid. 531 more words