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Approaches to Sharing Product Information in Business Ecosystems

One of the most promising aspects of digitalization is sharing information in business ecosystems. In the Master Data Management (MDM) realm, we will in my eyes see a dramatic increase in sharing product information between trading partners as touched in the post… 331 more words


The problem with teacher-centered, heavily structured, disciplinarian classrooms

This is one of my favorite comics. Unfortunately it describes many, many classrooms.

Don’t need to write much else; it speaks for itself.


Sharing Metadata

In short, metadata is data about data. Handling metadata is an important facet of data management including in data governance, data quality management and Master Data Management (MDM). 276 more words


Toyota: ahead of its time

David Kiger is known for recommending the perks of having a lean logistics department. He also has shared his insights on production and improvement based on successful cases of companies like Toyota: a company that came up with several philosophies extensible to all company’s areas aiming to improve their current state. 761 more words

David Kiger

Data Warehouse vs Data Lake, Take 2

The differences between a data warehouse and a data lake has been discussed a lot as for example here and here.

To summarize, the main point in my eyes is: In a data warehouse the purpose and structure is determined before uploading data while the purpose with and structure of data can be determined before downloading data from a data lake. 381 more words


Connecting Product Information

In our current work with the Product Data Lake cloud service, we are introducing a new way to connect product information that are stored at two different trading partners. 482 more words


Standards Are About Learning To Be Better

Standardized work, a master way of doing things, is a baseline procedure that is continuously improved as soon as one settles into the work and has had the time and experience to reflect on what could be better. 142 more words

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