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Important new standards for data collection in studies of advanced prostate cancer

Recently we noted that Morgans et al. had published information about a proposed, standardized set of patient-centered outcomes data for advanced prostate cancer that would facilitate cross-comparison of data from the many trials that take now place in the management of TxNxM+ prostate cancer. 536 more words


Normalisation assays in biomarker studies - all's well that starts well

The normalisation of quantitative assay data is critical when interpreting effective biological system status. With cells grown in culture and lysed, a simple total protein determination such as the Bradford assay (developed by Marion Bradford at the University of Georgia in 1976) can be enough by giving an estimate of the total cellular proteins. 496 more words


"International Standard of TCM"

I want to express grave concerns pertaining the so-called “standardization”, because it makes me very angry = emotional.

* “Standardization“:
according to the information available to me, this apparently includes the so-called “knowledge base”, a standard textbook in preparation, point locations have already been standardized, needling techniques (see WHO clean needling technique => I would NEVER volunteer to get a treatment performed based on that standard!), there is a “standardized nomenclature” and China is pushing to obtain ISO for standards for needles. 1,387 more words


The Pharmaceutical Validation Process: IQ-OQ-PQ Protocols

Pharmaceutical equipment validation is, perhaps, one of the most common practices in the industry. However, final validation is the result of a series of prior procedures – the qualification tests – intended to verify equipment compliance with certain standards and with the URS (User Requirement Specifications), the functional specifications (FQ or Functional Qualification) and the design specifications (DQ or Design Qualification). 1,185 more words


Contributions to ISOC report on mobile Internet

The Internet Society (ISOC) just released its second annual Global Internet Report, with a focus this year on the mobile Internet. The report explores mobile Internet availability, affordability, and relevance to potential users, and highlights opportunities as well as challenges to ensure all users can enjoy the full benefits of mobile access to the open Internet. 66 more words


Australian rules and regulations for a standardized world

Australian rules and regulations for a standardized world is a small thing HA that I am doing for my Tytenenergy  free energy and electrical website, l decide to bung it on here to highlight the fact that we are over regulated and controlled to the hilt and buy the hilt it seem the more I dig and attempt to make it clear the more interesting it becomes and goes to show how little and sneaky the controlling forces are really.the body of this is not important unless your interesting in why your electricity cost so much for so little or your a sparkie like my self the end may give you some food for though I hope at any rate if you get that far. 1,176 more words


The World of Reference Data

Reference Data Management (RDM) is an evolving discipline within data management. When organizations mature in the reference data management realm we often see a shift from relying on internally defined reference data to relying on externally defined reference data. 467 more words