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The importance of standardization in warehouse production

One of the most common reasons for poor efficiency and quality in the warehouse production is the lack of standardization. If you don´t use best practice and make an optimal standard for every process I can ensure you will have as many ways to perform a process as you have employees. 318 more words


Episode 27: Failure to Communicate


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Communication between the emergency department and EMS providers is grossly overlooked; during initial education, how many practice hand-offs did you do? 764 more words

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On language and standardization

I thought it fitting to start with an introductory note on language and standardization. Firstly, let us specify that we are speaking about human language, which is to say everyday language, what we say, what we write, maybe even the language we think in. 625 more words


Scaling vs. Normalization vs. Standardization (in Python)

In my initial post about the perceptron the other day, I noted that using the sigmoid function (or a similar activation function) on your data serves to both normalize the data and map it the range of your binary classification. 1,002 more words


Data Standardization or Normalization

Data standardization or normalization plays a critical role in most of the statistical analysis and modeling. Let’s spend sometime to talk about the difference between the standardization and normalization first. 219 more words

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Educational (and more): The TFA, or negotiating about standards

My editorial

Today, I am taking on discussing the Trade Facilitation Agreement  signed, and, since recently, enforced under the auspices of the World Trade Organization. This is basically educational content, mostly for the Graduate Master’s students in their curriculum of International Economic Transactions, but it can serve other curriculums just fine, like Microeconomics or Economic Policy. 1,596 more words

The (In)effectiveness of Voluntarily Produced Transparency Reports

What motivated you to pursue this research?

More and more private companies are voluntarily releasing statistics concerning how often they receive requests for their subscribers’ information, on what grounds the requests are made, and how many subscribers’ data has been disclosed.

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