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Its time for Nova Scotia to focus on large scale tests

September is upon us, and I, like many of my teaching brethren, spent the final week of August  gearing up for the upcoming school year. And this year, as I was unpacking a box of binders during my annual pre-September ritual, I came across a beautifully printed, colourful document which, if I am not mistaken, had been given to every teacher in the Province before their annual June exodus. 1,221 more words

Public Education

The lifeblood of the economy

We live in a global economy. That fact is thanks to, in large part, one thing. Have a guess. 700 more words


Speaking In Absolutes

How can I tell the new school year is about to start?  My social media feed – it is filled with posts aimed at new teachers, veteran teachers, administrators, new parents, parents of high school students, and, of course, students. 463 more words


They control everything you read

There is one organisation that controls and influences every single piece of text you will ever read on a computer screen. If they were not standing between my computer and all of yours, this text would be very different. 1,112 more words


Integrated Delivery Networks and Standardization

Over the past few months, MedSpan Research has conducted multiple studies with various hospital personnel.  Across the different types of research, a key theme emerged:  the number of integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and hospital systems are increasing, impacting the purchasing process and standardization decisions.  406 more words

The standard bearers

Have you ever thought how nice it is that a USB memory stick will be compatible in almost every computer on Earth? Or how, wherever you go, you will be able to identify a door as disabled access? 514 more words


Important new standards for data collection in studies of advanced prostate cancer

Recently we noted that Morgans et al. had published information about a proposed, standardized set of patient-centered outcomes data for advanced prostate cancer that would facilitate cross-comparison of data from the many trials that take now place in the management of TxNxM+ prostate cancer. 536 more words