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Thoughts: Praxis Certification Test

Your girl passed her ‘Praxis: Art Content’ test yesterday!

Yes, you read that right, I don’t have to worry about that horrid test anymore and I am one more step closer to getting my certification! 627 more words

Where Creativity Works

The Power of Empathy

As my students are taking a state-mandated computer-based standardized math test, one of my higher mathematicians is terribly frustrated. Brandon sits at his desk with his arms crossed, tears in his eyes, frown on his face. 363 more words


Knowledge With A Positive Attitude

We can train the brain to do difficult tasks — like taking a standardized test. However, the brain is complicated. It is not like a computer, which acts according to rules of logic alone. 268 more words


Octopus Intelligence

The octopus is highly intelligent. But these shy, clever creatures are often excluded from “polite society” — stigmatized as “creepy” or “weird” — probably because they don’t do well on standardized tests. 9 more words


Today I Feel Like a Failure as a Mom

Why do we, as moms, take so much on ourselves?

Right now, I’m looking at my kids’ standardized test scores with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. 456 more words

Empowering Children

The LSAT: how does Elle Woods make it look so easy?

Once a person decides they want to go to law school, the LSAT is normally the biggest hurdle between you and the school of your dreams. 814 more words


Education Readings September 1st

By Allan Alach

I welcome suggested articles, so if you come across a gem, email it to me at allanalach@inspire.net.nz 971 more words