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Hit with Some Truth

I’m not sure how to exactly word this without sounding like I’m generalizing my students. But I’ll try?

So, the segregation unit is under way. I’ve heard AWESOME things from my students and some really, really offensive things from them (one student suggested that there are Black children next door in the English classroom because the white teacher bought them……….). 251 more words

Florida May Promote Third Graders Who Fail Standardized Tests

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Amid continued backlash over Florida’s testing regimen, the state may stop holding back third grade students who fail the state’s standardized tests. 644 more words


Don’t concern yourself with Strib polling



Perhaps you’ve seen this morning’s in the Star Tribune, purporting to show huge public support for “quality over seniority” in teacher layoffs. 241 more words

Why I opted my kids out of the SBAC.

My parents never opted me out of a standardized test. And I never thought of opting my elementary school kids out of the state MSP tests. 921 more words

A Better Way

Pre-Game Pep Talk

With my 3rd graders taking the FSA (Florida Standards Assessments) in reading and math the next two weeks, I wrote a poem to instill some positive thoughts, and helpful reminders, about being successful… 424 more words


Assessing Learning Through Standardized Tests

Last week in class after a heated discussion about how No Child Left Behind has left us behind, my classmates and I were pretty upset about the implementation and effect of initiatives that NCBL (No Child Left Behind) created. 698 more words

The Consequences of High Stakes Testing

When testing becomes too high stakes, there are lots of unintended consequences. Officials in India are seeing that this week as images of parents climbing the outside of school buildings to pass cheat sheets to their children… 138 more words

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