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Improve Your Test Scores

Are you stressing about testing? Most students do. Don’t worry, help is in sight! Follow these tips to improve your scores on any type of standardized test – the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GRE, LSAT, or GMAT. 1,061 more words

Spring Testing

There is a lot of debate over Spring Testing. It can stress kids, parents and teachers alike. I’ve heard it called a “necessary evil”. Yikes! Many parents are upset that teaching stops in February and the teachers are just “teaching the test”. 393 more words

Buffalo State professor hopeful for the future of Common Core

Kyle Fallon

(Buffalo, N.Y.) — Earlier this month, New York students in grades 3-8 began taking the state assessment tests for English language arts (ELA) and Math, which are based on national Common Core standards. 411 more words


Which is a better comparative measure of student achievement, the GPA or standardized test scores?

A recent study has shown that GPAs in US high schools have risen significantly while SAT scores have fallen – two conflicting trends that point toward grade inflation.   284 more words

Watch: Buffalo Review TV for April 19

Staff report

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – This week’s show (April 19) featured stories about Buffalo State’s 11th annual fashion show “Runway” and an event to clean up Grant Street. 20 more words


Students report problems with STAAR exam

According to the Texas Tribune,  students taking the STAAR exam reported technical problems again.

Some students were kicked out of the testing software while taking the exam. 60 more words

Community Concern

More than a score

Standardized test time. I HATE standardized test and what they do to my chunk-a-monk.

Homework is 2 map test for practice-math and reading. Plus 2 prep test on math and language arts. 537 more words