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Finding My Voice

I remember being eight years old and having my writing teacher tell me that I was destined to be a writer. You really have a grasp on this whole writing essays thing, they said. 546 more words


State Legislative Auditor releases findings, recommendations for standardized student testing

The Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor released its evaluation report Monday regarding standardized student testing.

“We look forward to a deeper dive into the report in the education committees in the next few weeks,” said… 271 more words

Minnesota Department Of Education

1. Intro to Understanding Standardized Tests

Bam. At five o’clock in the morning, you race down the stairs to see your SAT/ACT/PSAT score. Andddd, surprise! You earned a score that you’re proud of. 98 more words

Standardized Tests

The Meaning of an Arts Education

An Opinion Piece by Clarence Dodge

Kenny Lloyd is a young boy from a middle-class family who attends his local public school. He endures the school day in all its academic dreariness, until arts class. 1,133 more words


Our society has us thinking ones ability to pass standardized tests such as WASSCE, are the only accurate way of measuring ones intellect. Intelligence is displayed in many different ways, on many different spectrum.

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Harper Lee and Standardized Tests

My daughter, who is a high school freshman, is reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Well, she’s supposed to be reading it. She told me when she was attempting to read the book, she was constantly drifting off, reading the same sections again and again, and nothing was penetrating. 530 more words

What Cosmos and a Dog Tell Us About Standardized Testing

I love science. Not just in the facebooky “I fucking looooove science, look at this crazy fangly fish!” way (although I totally do that, too). 1,212 more words