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Final Run This Week For Current Version Of The SAT

WASHINGTON (AP) — The current version of the SAT college entrance exam has its final run this weekend, when hundreds of thousands of students nationwide will sit, squirm or stress through the nearly four-hour reading, writing and math test. 810 more words


Is it Time to Give Up Single Parent Homeschooling, or do I Struggle On? Reflections, K Week 22

Homeschooling as a single parent is a challenge.  Well, actually doing the homeschooling isn’t so much, but making it work financially is the challenge.  I can’t say that I am there yet, not making it by myself completely yet, after six months of being single and continuing to homeschool during that time, I still feel like this whole thing could be pulled out from under me at any moment, I still feel like we are in this crazy limbo state because I don’t have permanent work, or rather enough permanent work to make it all work.  1,792 more words


New Jersey State BOE Testimony: 1/11/16

Good afternoon and thank you for the opportunity to speak. My name is Melissa Katz and I am a junior in the 5-year Integrated Bachelor’s and Master of Arts in Teaching in Urban Elementary Education at The College of New Jersey. 929 more words

"How the Contemporary University is Destroying America, Part II," By Bruce Frohnen

Part II: Destroying Upward Mobility

Thomas Edison dropped out of school and became one of our nation’s greatest inventors and men of business. Herbert Hoover never got a good grade in engineering, but he became a wildly successful (and rich) engineer. 1,624 more words

Essays And Reviews

Being creative is so much harder than I thought

Trying to put thoughts into words makes me feel as if I’ve never had an original thought. Everything I type seems trite, and I feel as if everything I’ve been saying this past week has been terribly mundane as well. 426 more words

Just Writing

How Best To Take Subject Tests

Some exams must be completed during a specific year while others do not. You can take advantage of these differences so you don’t have to stress yourself out by taking a huge load of exams in your junior and senior year. 491 more words

Education Strategy

Standardized tests from a teacher's point of view

Originally posted on The Progressive by Peter Greene.

Straight Talk About Standardized Tests

The People in Charge know, even before the test is taken, that some students will be marked below basic.

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