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What happened to the Passion?

I found it sad today when I student told me that he didn’t need to learn anymore because he had already taken the test he needed to take. 116 more words


Student Testing Showdown Dominates End Of Lawmaking Term

DENVER (AP) — An intense debate over student testing requirements had Colorado lawmakers scrambling Tuesday to resolve long-simmering disputes over how best to reduce standardized tests… 497 more words


Watch John Oliver dismantle American standardized testing

In his weekly show, John Oliver took on the absurdity of standardized testing, a series of interminable tests that American schoolchildren have to take at this time of year. 399 more words

Lawmakers Nearing Agreement To Reduce Student Tests

DENVER (AP) — Colorado lawmakers are close to agreement on one of the most vexing problems of the term — how to reduce standardized tests… 124 more words


When School Gets it Right

“I hate School,” is not the first thing out of my kids mouths when I pick them up anymore. “Guess what I did in Specials today,” is what comes tumbling out in an excited jumble and fight to see who gets to talk first. 1,211 more words


Reason 3/5 Why Making the Atlanta Public School Teachers Felons Won’t Make a Difference:

The Tests Dumb down the System in General

Go back to the pretest vs. post test notion of evaluating teachers. If a child can ace a pretest, why should he take the class? 418 more words


What the US can learn from South Korea’s pressure-cooker testing environment

South Korea is often upheld as a model of educational success by policymakers and commentators in the United States.

This is not without reason. 913 more words