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How to Check for Assessment Reliability

For any educator that has been through an accreditation process, we are regularly asked: “How do your internal assessments correlated with you external assessments?  In easier terms:  208 more words


Things Your Public School Teacher Won't Tell You (Rant #2)

  • Math is about problem solving by thinking outside of the box or using past experiences. It’s not about formulas and preconceived methods of doing things, most of the time.
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Public School

Quixotic Reimagining of Standardized Tests (Part 1)

Life update: I got my driver’s license from the place where I learned to drive. Then I drove home from there with my mom, and it was zarking… 1,646 more words


Bilingual Assessment Series: What if the standard isn't so golden?

As a bilingual SLP, one of my areas of expertise is bilingual speech/language assessment. In other words, I have a responsibility to help determine whether bilingual kids are developing within “age expectations” or whether they are demonstrating signs of a delay or disorder. 767 more words

Bilingual Assessment

Wellness Wednesday: Are we melting their brains?

Earlier this month, art students at Burlington High School in Massachusetts were asked to create pieces that responded to this question: “How do you FEEL about standardized tests?” 225 more words

Testing And Assessments

PGCPS Administration Suspends MUST Exams for Coming School Year

Teachers who have complained about too much standardized testing received a welcome announcement today. In a memorandum dated June 23, Deputy Superintendent Shawn Joseph announced that students would no longer be required to take Mandatory Unit Systemic… 424 more words


How To Get Out Of Taking Standardized Tests For Graduate Programs

If you are looking to join a post graduate program, you are probably getting ready to do the standardized tests that most graduate programs need. The tests are basically designed to gauge your worthiness for a graduate program so to speak; however, not many post graduate schools can admit you without the scores of these tests. 315 more words