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In the Era of Accountability...

As I look down the hallways of schools, I sometimes see a series of one school houses, each one its own domain and territory.  This isolation of classrooms is often perpetuated by cycles of mandates creating  a kind of  “initiative fatigue” amongst teachers and leaders . 747 more words


Starting Courageous Conversations: A Guide for Educators

“Change always starts with confusion: cherished interpretations must dissolve to make way for the new.”       Margaret Wheatley

Thank you to all of my many mentors, but especially  to the original mentor… Dave Oland  whose 3rd hour Economics class had the courage to engage in difficult conversation and inspire me to be a better person. 1,117 more words

People Matter: 4 Values that Should Drive School Improvement.

Mandates.  We all know them.  In the world of education, there is no shortage.  After 17 years, I have known a few.  Not surprisingly, when the  people implementing  mandates do not find intrinsic worth or value, the moment the mandate goes away, so does the practice associated with it.   1,287 more words


Reflections over a Genius Hour

Genius Hour is a very exciting concept  for me.  Providing students with the space during the school day to explore areas of their interest sounds very engaging.   1,377 more words