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I am scared half to death. It’s 150 dumbbell snatches and 75 burpee over the box jumps. At my advanced age, I get to use just a ten pound dumbbell and I get to do step ups on the box. 611 more words


Free Speech and Tolerance

The “truth” or a “right” position is often not as cut and dried as we would like to believe.  What do you feel when you read something like this: … 179 more words


Oculus affirms its commitment to open VR standards

(Source: arstechnica.com)

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Oculus defends its efforts to secure VR exclusives for the RiftLAS VEGAS—With everybody and their brother seemingly working on their own mutually exclusive virtual reality platform these days, it would be nice if everybody could somehow agree on some standards that allow VR games, hardware, and accessories to be easily interoperable with each other. 597 more words


The Education Method and Organization

It was wonderful that day I met Larry Lawrence at a Chicago Hotel frequented by Al Capone (The Drake Hotel). We were in Chicago for the National Public Education conference. 1,971 more words


PSRBs and the new quality arrangements

This post provides an explanation of PSRBs’ interactions with the UK higher education system in respect of quality and standards, and their role in the new quality assurance arrangements from 2016/17 onwards. 1,893 more words


Proving Your Worth

Hello one and all!

What does it mean to be worth something?  Who or what determines your inherent value as a human being?

It’s easy to set guidelines for someone’s worth as an employee or with respect to something that is somehow quantifiable.   48 more words