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Why It's Been A While

I don’t know that you know this, but I set very high standards for myself. Not necessarily perfection, but pretty close.

In art that I create, I only do the best. 349 more words

Let Them Go

There is something oddly satisfying about the need to break ties. I have avoided burning bridges for as long as I can remember because I used to truly believe that you need to be there for someone at their worst if you want to deserve them at their best. 299 more words


A Notary Signing Agent Wears Two Hats

A notary signing agent (or NSA) wears two hats, which is another way to say you fulfill two roles while on an assignment as an NSA. 847 more words


Bill Gates will invest more than $1 billion in public schools — but he'll have to learn from Mark Zuckerberg's mistake

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

  • Bill Gates announced that he would invest more than $1.7 billion in public education.
  • Mark Zuckerberg invested $100 million into Newark Public Schools in 2010 and it was largely seen as a failure.
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Money Matters

No One Has Ever Sent It Back

No One Has Ever Sent It Back — Thoughts on Pushback

One of the more frequently seen comments in online groups where notaries gather goes like this: “I’ve always done it this way and no one has ever objected or sent the document back.” 431 more words


The Silent Mr Barber

It is disappointing when an elected councillor doesn’t respond to a question sent by a local resident. It’s rather more than that when such a councillor ignores three straightforward questions on four different occasions. 120 more words

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Water Stain

A couple of times in our house, water has gotten into the ceiling, and left a stain.  If the this wasn’t something we previously noticed, it’s sometimes tough to tell if the discoloration is actively expanding; or, if it was from an old, one-time event.   711 more words