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A little love and respect

Love and respect. Why don’t some of us ladies love and respect ourselves? What is it that happens in our lives that affects the way that WE, treat ourselves or how we allow people to treat us. 486 more words

Are Commercial Transportation Corridors a Reasonable and Sustainable Idea?

There are ongoing discussions about the value of designating existing infrastructure as commercial transportation corridors throughout the United States. These designated highways, in theory, would support national and international trade and commerce efforts. 824 more words

Agility for Health IT

Agile development is no longer just a movement, it has now become established as a best practice in software engineering, but what is it? Today, there is no one agile process or methodology, there are many.One of the earliest is Extreme Programming (or XP).Another that is popular today is Scrum. 878 more words

Software Engineering

Power source reliability

  • When installing your vaccine fridge:
    Consider using a back-up generator if there are regular power cuts or interruptions to the power supply.
  • Consider alarming the refrigerator.
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Cold Chain

Attentiveness and Participation Assessed! Sort Of.

In an attempt to reframe effort in the classroom I’m trying to sift through the more traditional elements of effort (attentiveness, participation, compliance, focus, organization) and save the learning kernels after the chaff has drifted away. 690 more words


What Values?

”Those who listen to God’s instructions will prosper; those who trust the Lord will be joyful.” – Proverbs 16:20

Values are judgments about what we believe is important. 671 more words