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What Is The Difference Between Standards and Curriculum: A Primer for Music Curriculum Writers

Some of you who are music educators will be doing curriculum writing work over the summer, while others will be planning for the coming school year. 762 more words

Music Education

Freedom–a Moral Entity

“Christians can often shrink from tackling moral agendas. We are frightened of ridicule and irrelevance. We all crave freedom, but morality speaks to many of us in terms of prohibition. 152 more words


Thinking again- Science Talks

I know it has been a while- I hope this coming school year, I will get back on board.


This summer I’ve been thinking about what changes I plan to do/make to really improve the coming year. 418 more words

Thoughts of the week in a nutshell

– If you are a kid, be a kid. If you are in your 20’s be in your 20’s. There is a time for everything, don’t try to rush your life. 182 more words



the only
important thing
is that



TIFF has been around for a long time. Its latest official specification, TIFF 6.0, dates from 1992. The format hasn’t held still for 23 years, though. 463 more words


My Life Advocating for Accessible ICTs

ICTs help persons with disabilities (PwD) overcome issues of access, be that to education, employment, or physical mobility. Throughout the world, persons living with disabilities are already benefitting from the advantages of ICT-enabled applications.  757 more words