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Fences That Unite

Created by several types of tectonic forces including collisions between continental masses, mountains are among the most striking of geologic features of our planet’s topography. One does not need to be a geologist to know the difference between what a mountain is, and what it isn’t – it would be safe to say that in most cases the distinction between a mountain and a hill is fairly obvious. 358 more words

February 7, 2008

. . . and yet we still do not have a comprehensive standard for prevention.

Source: February 7, 2008


The plant synbio toolkit: Goldenbraid CRISPR

Standardisation is key to creating compatible modules, which in turn allows abstraction and the generation of more complex devices with interesting phenotypes. As I’ve mentioned previously a… 141 more words

Hot Off The Press

Letting go of my best friend.

There is a door to my life, one I hold open for the right person who is no longer around. I’m too forgiving and have a big heart and if we were to cross paths again, well the door remains open. 1,029 more words


Rethinking makeup

Because of some experiences in my childhood I became very uncomfortable with being a girl. Little by little I am learning to embrace myself and accept every feature of the lady that I am (becoming). 715 more words

Don't try it 

Why do you think that you can tell me what I should be? Why because you know who you are therefore I should just copy your emptiness? 122 more words


At “parallel//2016” (Heidelberg/Germany, April 6th through 8th) I will address the topic of formulating fibers in pure Java SE 8, using the CompletableFuture API.