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Lustful glance

If only the outside world worked like social media, so when that cutie rides past you on the skateboard while you’re walking down a busy sidewalk and you exchange glances and a sensual smirk, you can simply ‘like’ their pretty face to let them know you’re interested, and then MAYBE, just maybe, something can come of that. 317 more words


Compensating for Beauty

Maybe compensating isn’t the right word.  But we’ll pull a Tim Gunn and “Make it Work”.

I wrote last week about what it’s like to not feel beautiful.   169 more words


I Know It's Not True!

Why is it so easy to be hurt by a stranger whom you’ve said one thing to who then starts laying into you? Finding out I’m with a liar or a cheater = deal breaker. 1,271 more words

Mental Illness

Toying With Submission, Pushed too Far.

I’ve just had to look up what the rules are of the D&S community. I was in a BDSM marriage for almost 3 years, so how come I don’t already know this stuff? 1,451 more words