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Bye, Bye, One-Five...

2015 sucked. Nope, I take that back.

2015 completely sucked huge, effing balls. There, that’s a better representation of how I feel.

I started 2015 by learning how terrifying a MRI machine is to someone who is claustrophobic. 724 more words

I'm Rambling... Again...

Matthew 7:13-14 --- AC/DC, Don Henley, My Dad, My Brother & Me When We Were Kids & The Wide and Narrow Gates

Matthew 7:13-14
The Narrow and Wide Gates

Back in the 80’s there was a band that had great opening guitar and drum play at the beginning of their songs. 3,157 more words

Study Of The Gospel Of Matthew

Sources of Light, Book Review

Margaret McMullan managed to pack so much story into this itty bitty book!

Samantha is newly moved to Mississippi from Pittsburgh in the summer of 1962, a year when the cicadas are drowning out the usual summer sounds but not the loss of her father. 193 more words

Book Review

It is time to stop abortion!

There is a modern day Hitler. A force of evil that will not stop unless we Christians bring the fight to it.  I am talking about abortion. 926 more words

Christian Life

Favorite Quote: Day 2

“We acquire the strength we have overcome.”
                                                                                –Ralph Waldo Emerson

In some primitive cultures, it was believed that if you ate the heart of an enemy, you acquired his strength.  122 more words

Future Tense

How do you feel today: Tough question. I really don’t know. Yesterday and today my body has felt, physically, very anxious. My heart will not slow down, it beats hard and loud. 730 more words

I am so angry

An angry Tina is not a pleasant place to visit. I am so over bureaucracies and systemic politics. Anyone that knows me knows how much I hate bullying. 454 more words

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