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Wikimedia Foundation v. NSA: Why we’re here and where we’re going – Wikimedia Blog

(Source: blog.wikimedia.org)

For the last two years, the Wikimedia Foundation has been fighting in the United States federal courts to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of Wikimedia users from overly-broad government  surveillance. 1,401 more words


We Love Squigz!

Yes it’s true, we do. Not only do we love Squigz but the kids love them, which is probably part of the reason that they are at the top of the list for our therapists’ favorites. 320 more words

Developmental Milestones

Standing, walking

When you stand, do not favour one foot over the other. Note the scalene triangle connecting big and little toes to the centre of the heel. 47 more words

From The Counsellor

Hopeful (or Hopeless)

My wife and I swap kids every week.  This last time I got the short end of the stick because of my my son’s birthday… She wanted to be with him as well, and asked if I would be willing to give up some time so she could… and I said sure. 516 more words


Hilliard v. Harbour

Senior citizen who held controlling interest in corporate borrower could not state elder abuse claim against lender that foreclosed on borrower; the senior citizen suffered only derivative harm; any damage claim belonged solely to the corporate borrower.  215 more words

Civil Procedure

About the cold air and your wooden floor

You wouldn’t leave a window wide open if the heating were on. But if you have stripped floorboards, the chances are that you’re doing the equivalent. 62 more words

Helping hands

I just got off the phone with a friend who went through what I and many others are or have already gone through… an affair.  For me, it started with my wife getting involved in an emotional affair, though I didn’t recognize it at the time.  368 more words