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I don't Stand For National Anthems 

I saw a meme floating around on Facebook of a man sitting down for the American national anthem. People weren’t happy as many less able bodied than himself stood up for it. 648 more words

Startupwati's true identity revealed — but there is a catch

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Then she followed by posting an ‘audio recording’ of the ‘press conference behind Startupwati’s outing; upon closer inspection, the ‘audio recording’ was simply an image of the Play button and the recording’s duration. 176 more words



Thursday morning it was chilly. I couldn’t feel my feet and I dug out my slipper socks.

Breakfast of champions. ;-)

Danny home for lunch. 108 more words

Right attitude

With the right attitude even standing is dancing

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Gonta in Sannomiya, Kobe. 

Gonta is a standing izakaya in Sannomiya, Kobe. It’s located near Sannomiya Hankyu West gate. Gonta is usually very busy, but the prices are so low that you have to check it out.




Walkin' Across (Disney) World 

Like I said earlier, we’re going to Disney World pretty soon.

In addition to finding vegan food options, the big question plaguing me is, “Hey, I work a desk job. 163 more words


standing at questions

what is here

and what it longs

and for the theme

and all on the dream

and dash as the starting

and for the incredible… 47 more words