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Into the light… Or…

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Day 261

You use so much energy now that you’ve started walking.  This was your morning nap :) I loved it!

Grandma came over today and played with you.   34 more words


Day 260

It’s the weekend!  Hooray!  So, you’re walking.  Not entirely by yourself, but you’re walking.  I can hardly believe it, but you’re big enough and strong enough to walk, that’s for sure.   49 more words


New Benefits Associated with Standing Rather Than Sitting

In one of the first studies to investigate how the heart and blood are affected—positively or negatively—by swapping sitting time for time spent standing or stepping, Australian researchers have walked away with some good news. 417 more words


7 out of 18 ain't bad... well it is bad...

I recently re-read Bob Stienkamp’s devotional entitled “18 Signs that something is happening“. Turns out, I’m currently rocking seven out of 18 to some degree or another. 1,930 more words


Day 258

We’re getting used to a little forehead and eyes peeking at us from all angles.  Since you’ve learned to upright yourself, you’re exploring everything!  You particularly like anything electronic that dad has, like the remote control, the xbox controller, and the iPad.