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An argument for non-intervention?

In an opinion article of The Stanford Daily on the 12th of October of 2015, Mina Shah makes ‘an argument for non-intervention’. Now, clearly she is speaking about US military intervention, but it gives some interesting insights into the challenges of interventionist practices. 182 more words


Stanford-developed sleep mask claims to cure jet lag

Working at the Stanford Daily taught me to write a different kind of news story. The lead should be interesting, sure, but more importantly, it has to give information. 412 more words


Make some, save some – DIY acai bowls

I pitched this How-to for the Stanford Daily after noticing the burgeoning popularity of pricy acai bowls in Palo Alto. I experimented with a few recipes and stood on my kitchen chairs to photograph the meal, before editing the pictures and writing an easy-to-follow guide. 382 more words

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Students create ping pong-playing robot in artificial intelligence lab

Stanford students program robot to play ping pong

Kuka watched the path of the ping pong ball, lifted a bright red paddle and, with a snap, effortlessly sent the ball to the other side. 604 more words


Former dean Julie Lythcott-Haims writes book on helicopter parenting

Interviewing more high-profile sources (authors, researchers, professors) at the Stanford Daily taught me that some questions and angles can only be discovered after I’ve done thorough research and investigated the available body of work on a subject. 1,082 more words


Researchers find walking in nature provides mental health benefits

Stanford studies show walking in nature helps us

Stanford researchers found that walking in nature, as opposed to walking in urban areas, provides mental health benefits. 666 more words