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A Grown Up Evening: Jeera Chicken Wings.

Yesterday I spent the evening at my friend’s house. Some of you may recall me mentioning my group of mummy friends, the Tootie Frooties! Well, one of the yummy mummies has recently moved hous… 15 more words


3 Reasons Your Story is CRITICAL!

Storytelling, whether it’s around the campfire or part of a multimedia presentation, is the oldest and most effective form of communication between human beings. Throughout history we have lauded the great storytellers: teachers, authors, playwrights, composers, actors, film makers, and even advertising executives. 651 more words


Parenting Of The Future: Many Embryos, Each With DNA Profile

STANFORD (AP) — So you want to have a baby.

Would you like a dark-haired girl with a high risk of someday getting colon cancer, but a good chance of above-average music ability? 1,386 more words


John Abbott student from Kahnawake gets scholarship to Stanford University

Sha’teiohserí:io Patton remembered the day last week vividly: after Harvard University rejected her outright, she looked at her email on her phone thinking that Stanford University had just sent her a curt note with more bad news. 330 more words


Bayesian goodness of fit

Persi Diaconis and Guanyang Wang have just arXived an interesting reflection on the notion of Bayesian goodness of fit tests. Which is a notion that has always bothered me, in a rather positive sense (!), as… 447 more words


18-14 Segment 1: The Price Consequences of Doctor Consolidation


In some areas, it has become almost impossible to find independent physician practices. Many of these smaller practices have opted into being bought by hospitals and other large medical groups. 484 more words

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Do management consultants really add value?

That good managers matter for corporate success, should be a surprise to no-one. Early economists like Alfred Marshall, back in the nineteenth century, already noted the importance of good management practices to drive productivity. 737 more words