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Interview with Vietnamese Journalists Part 1

Wearing heels that made the trek across Stanford campus a bit painful, I made my way to the Philippines Conference Room with the rest of my group. 618 more words

The People

Stanford University Revamps It's Free Tuition Policy

Per Bryce Covert from thinkprogress.org Stanford University has recently announced that accepted students without a high income will essentially be tuition free. The basic requirements are that the student’s family make less than $125,000 a year, while having assets worth $300,000 or less, whether it be home equity or any additional money in investment portfolio’s, businesses, etc. 427 more words


Episode 225: Summer Previews: Stanford, Eastern Illinois, Duke, Ball State

This week we start our look at the opponents on the Northwestern schedule. We examine the non-conference slate with Stanford, Eastern Illinois, Duke and Ball State. 129 more words


Study: Threaten a man's masculinity and he'll shop less

The phrase “real man” usually brings to mind images of muscular athletes or military heroes—men who are physically strong, aggressive, and powerful. Those depictions of masculinity may seem outdated in a society where the notion of gender is ever-evolving, but in fact many men still want to project an image of physical strength and preferences that clearly set them apart from women, says  659 more words

Belly the pig gave birth to eight little piggies!

There was great excitement today on Landmeterskop Farm when the widow Potts, Belly the pig, gave birth to eight little piggies! One died and is now with his late father, Mr Potts, somewhere over the rainbow bridge in piggy heaven. 47 more words