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It Ain't The Promised Land... Part Four

Linked below is the fourth installment in Stanley Cohen’s new series on Prison America. It is an account told firsthand from within the walls, cells and bunks of Canaan Prison in north-east PA. 198 more words


It Ain't The Promised Land...Part Three

I stand with Stanley Cohen. Human rights attorneys are as marginalized as the oppressed they represent. Truth does not need multiple billion dollar infusions to move dark agendas forward. 46 more words


It Ain't The Promised Land... Part Two

Part Two of a view behind the eyes of a fertile mind and an amazing soul. This is a second look at daily existence in Prison America. 162 more words


It Ain't the Promised Land

The first part of a new series in the annals of Prison America. Where many of you did not live through the year 2015, Stanley Cohen did. 97 more words


Declare Victory, Come Home

Once again, Stanley Cohen speaks truth to power, this time about the attacks in Paris, and how we should handle the so-called “war on terrorism” 171 more words

George Orwell and Stanley Cohen

The William Kunstler of our time, defender of the super-underdog, has been in prison since January 5, 2015. Human rights attorneys are a rare breed. Perhaps an endangered species. 449 more words