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George Orwell and Stanley Cohen

The William Kunstler of our time, defender of the super-underdog, has been in prison since January 5, 2015. Human rights attorneys are a rare breed. Perhaps an endangered species. 441 more words


Prison America Part II, by Stanley Cohen

Another long, but wonderful read by imprisoned human rights attorney Stanley Cohen: Prison America Part II.

“Of course, any expose of the Obama gulag system necessarily requires an examination of just how its parent organization, the U.S.

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Prison America, by Stanley Cohen

A long, but wonderful new piece by Stanley Cohen: Prison America.

It is simply not enough to say that the U.S. criminal justice and prison systems are fractured without understanding the whys or the crossroads of its breakdown.

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Out of Sight Out of Mind, by Stanley Cohen

A new poem by Stanley Cohen, this time dedicated to all prisoners. 

Out of Sight Out of Mind, by Stanley Cohen

In the bowels of justice I’ve seen them perched on high… 151 more words

Child of Gaza, by Stanley Cohen

Before the dark and dust, hers was the world of endless dreams of boundless trust.
Invisible friends best of all, to laugh and romp till sleep-time’s call. 134 more words

Song for Walaa

This is another piece that imprisoned human right defender Stanley Cohen has asked me to publish. It is dedicated to his friend, Walaa Al Ghussein… 114 more words

Ode to Said, by Stanley Cohen

Human rights defender Stanley Cohen has written a beautiful ode to a friend who is very ill. As Stanley is currently serving a one-year prison sentence after a length bout of government persecution, he has asked people to post and share this ode wherever they can, as he cannot do so himself at the moment.  649 more words