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“If theologians become famous in times like ours, surely they must have betrayed their calling.” – Stanley Hauerwas, Hannah’s Child: A Theologian’s Memoir

Eakins, Thomas. … 17 more words

Reverend Death

About a month back, a friend and I were talking after a show and he mentioned an odd little documentary about a troubling man who lived and operated, at one time, within a troublingly close proximity to us. 1,764 more words


Resurrection and Down Syndrome

Last week was Easter.

And in the Gospels course I teach, we spent time reading on the nature of the Resurrection.

As Scripture teaches, Jesus’ resurrected body was both… 1,159 more words


Book Review: The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics

The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics
Ed. Stanley Hauerwas and Samuel Wells
Wiley-Blackwell, 2006 (1st edition). 528pp.

There is no such thing as “Christian ethics.” 817 more words

Matthew's Radical Gospel

Take your stained glasses off when you read the gospel of Matthew this year. Matthew is just writing a history record. His gospel is history, absolutely, but he has a goal. 309 more words


Episode 55: The Protestant Reformation

Author, Adjunct Professor, Clergy, Grant Writer, Group Fitness Instructor, Cat Lady J. Dana Trent

Pastor, Musician, Writer, Passionate about Wales, Phil Wyman

Twisted Sisterds Podcast, Theologian, Cultural Commentator, Becky Seville… 84 more words


2017: Books in Review

Giorgio Vasari
Italian Humanists (Six Tuscan Poets), 1554
Oil on panel

“I am unable to satisfy my thirst for books. And I perhaps own more of them than I ought; but just as in certain other things, so does it happen with books: success in searching for them is a stimulus to greed… Books please inwardly; they speak with us, advise us and join us together with a certain living and penetrating intimacy, nor does this instill only itself into its readers, but it conveys the names and desire for others.” 2,279 more words