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Hauerwas on liberalism and desire

For most part, I’ve only read and heard caricatures and one-liners when it comes to Hauerwas’s critique of liberalism. I recently read Hauerwas’s early and well-worn (for many but not me) essay “The Church and Liberal Democracy: The Moral Limits of a Secular Polity.” I appreciated getting the more sustained critique and look forward to reading others like it. 365 more words


Stanley Hauerwas: "A Christian marriage isn’t about whether you’re in love."

“When couples come to ministers to talk about their marriage ceremonies, ministers think it’s interesting to ask if they love one another. What a stupid question! 50 more words

Religious/Theological Reflections

Famous Contemporary Anabaptists

#4 in a series of rabbit trails based on footnotes in my new book, Spirituality With Clothes On.

Is “famous Anabaptist” an oxymoron?

The note on page 93 is either hopelessly out of date or shows the age of the writer, or perhaps both. 254 more words

Stanley Hauerwas: "if you preach with such humility you will more than likely be accused of being arrogant and authoritarian"

“Ironically, in the world in which we live if you preach with such humility you will more than likely be accused of being arrogant and authoritarian. 90 more words

Religious/Theological Reflections

Stanley Hauerwas: "our lives simply are a gift"

“For the truth is that since we are God’s good creation we are not free to choose our own stories. Freedom lies not in creating our lives, but in learning to recognize our lives as a gift. 34 more words

Religious/Theological Reflections

Opening day

The communion of saints lurks around every corner. This afternoon in my dining room, the 1941 Boston Red Sox starring Ted Williams—some say baseball’s best hitter—are playing the ’41 Cincinnati Reds. 635 more words

Family Spirituality

Stanley Hauerwas: "the story of freedom has now become our fate"

“Let me assure you I am serious, I am against tolerance, I do not believe the story of freedom is a true or good story. I do not believe it is a good story because it is so clearly a lie. 50 more words

Religious/Theological Reflections