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The shallow soil of the American church

I am preparing for Sunday where we will focus on the parables. While I will focus more closely on another pair of parables out of Matthew 13, I was reading through the whole chapter and came to these words from Stanley Hauerwas on the Parable of the Sower.  112 more words


Christian politics

William Willimon takes a cautionary, high-Hauerwasian look at politics, and its temptations.

I have met the political enemy, and he is… me and my fellow Christians, who find it so hard to embody our convictions, and who, even in our left-wing protests, unintentionally give credence to political scoundrels.

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DE Ponderings, January 2017

Taken from the IL/WI District Newsletter, January 2017

Stanley Hauerwas in War and the American Difference: Theological Reflections on Violence and National Identity states: “…the church does not have an alternative to war. 473 more words


Democracy Is Not Always Right

My delve into Hauerwas’ Christian criticism of liberal democracy coincided very well with one of the most depressing electoral results, and everything since then, that I can imagine. 789 more words


Virtues of War Course Endorsement

Duke University’s Office of Institutional Equity suggested I propose a course focusing on protected veterans in Spring 2016. Stanley Hauerwas helped me craft a reading list and initially agreed to co-teach with me, but he was called by the Divinity School to teach a course there due to faculty turnover. 36 more words


Vulnerable Birth

“The second person of the Trinity was conceived and born needing the care of a mother. To be human is to be vulnerable, but to be a baby is to be vulnerable in a manner we spend a lifetime denying. 89 more words

"Eschatology" Implies Story

“Eschatology indicates that the world, including ourselves, is storied.” -Stanley Hauerwas