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Becoming people who tell the truth part 1

At the annual Society of Vineyard Scholars meeting in Media, PA last week (yes there is such a thing, and it is one of the highlights of my year, and each year the Spirit moves in significant ways, and you should come next year), my mentor Stanley Hauerwas came and spoke to us. 671 more words

Who Owns Marriage? (3) counter-cultural witness

Nick Park, Evangelical Alliance Ireland Executive Director, has written a short book which was published this week called Who Own’s Marriage? as part of a dialogue leading up to the Same-Sex Referendum on May 22… 2,286 more words


'Methodists are free church Catholics'

Methodism could make a real contribution to our common life as Protestant Christians if we took seriously the ecclesial implications of Wesley’s stress on sanctification. I think Maddox is quite right to say that Wesley understood that without God’s grace we cannot be saved; but without our (grace-empowered but uncoerced) participation, God’s grace will not save.

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Propitiation for our sins

In a characteristically provocative essay on why our Lord died, Stanley Hauerwas pours scorn on liberal reductions of the Gospel to the teaching that we should love each other. 1,101 more words

The Dove

"Unbelievable?" podcast unbelievably good

I’m sure way behind the times on this, but I want to plug a podcast/radio show from the U.K. I only just discovered last week: … 145 more words

Moral Imagination @ the Movies

I have skateboarded for my entire adult life, and for years the physical activity provided a small measure of relief from the mental and moral toll war demands. 999 more words

Last thoughts (this week) on Christian pacifism

A few weeks ago I heard a new argument for changing our United Methodist Church’s stance on human sexuality. It wasn’t a good argument, mind you, but it was one I hadn’t heard before. 1,279 more words