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Moral Imagination @ the Movies

I have skateboarded for my entire adult life, and for years the physical activity provided a small measure of relief from the mental and moral toll war demands. 999 more words

Last thoughts (this week) on Christian pacifism

A few weeks ago I heard a new argument for changing our United Methodist Church’s stance on human sexuality. It wasn’t a good argument, mind you, but it was one I hadn’t heard before. 1,279 more words

Pacifism in the hard cases

I received an emphatic response, pro and con, to my last blog post about war and the justified use of violence. Of all the negative comments, the following, from my Irish Presbyterian friend Kevin, was best: 847 more words

Blake at the Ashmolean . . .


(FYI — Favorite Oxford Moment #493 — this morning at Mass, someone was wearing a pin on her sweater that read “I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar”. 343 more words

Does the cross mean a nation shouldn't go to war?

I am not a pacifist. Even in the depths of my Candler-inspired apostasy from orthodox Christianity many years ago, I never completely made the leap that thinkers like Stanley Hauerwas wanted me to make: to extend Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount against personal vengeance (“turn the other cheek”) to a complete rejection of violence in the cause of justice in the world. 845 more words

Littlemore . . .


It is good to share that Chapter II is in the revision stage now, and work has begun on Chapter III. I am spending a lot of time these days reading Stanley Hauerwas, and sooner or later, I expect that I’ll come up with something to say about him. 237 more words

We do not fall in love and ...

“We do not fall in love and then get married, we get married and then learn what love requires.”

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