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Anna's Hummingbird [Calypte anna] ~ 2017 #22

When we were strolling around Stanley Park on this (rare) sunny February day I heard the unmistakable little squeaky chirps of the hummingbird. My eyes scanned the tops of the trees to find this little cutie. 175 more words

British Columbia

Bianca & Paul

Bianca & Paul were married on the 1st April at the beautiful Stanley park. They scored bigtime with the weather in a gorgeous ceremony under the amazing fig tree. 161 more words


Fox Sparrow [Passerella iliaca] ~ 2017 #21

I usually find the Fox Sparrow on the ground, in the brush scratching through the leaf litter. They tend to blend in pretty well with their background which I find makes them seem a little more scarce than their “Song” cousins. 50 more words

British Columbia

Vancouver Waterfront & Downtown

첫 사진은 Google Photo Panorama :) 오랜만에 간 Vancouver 죽도록 먹다왔다…

First photo credit goes to Google Photos Panorama feature.. :) Drive, eat, walk & sleep is all have done for 1 night up in North.



Black-capped Chickadee [Poecile atricapillus] ~ 2017 #20

Who doesn’t love a cute little chickadee! In the winter time when we go to Stanley Park or to the bird sanctuary we always take a supply of black oil sunflower seeds with the hopes of seeing these adorable little guys. 80 more words

British Columbia

 Touring Vancouver Day 2

Here’s a Canadian joke.

Mayumi (pointing to a large stadium from the sky train): I think that the Canuck’s stadium

Erika: What’s a Canuck?

Maple Leafs and Oilers fans don’t’ laugh. 274 more words

Pacific Coast Bike Route

My First Race Report

“How many kids do you have?”


“Oh. Why were you at the Easter fun run then?”

This past Sunday, I ran my first 5k race/fun run…

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