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Timeline for Robert's Rebellion

GRRM is pretty fuzzy with dates, which can be rather annoying when you’re trying to work out who was where and when, and how long things took (and when babies were born…) 3,742 more words


How the Roses intertwined with the Stags

Growing Strong

House words in Westeros aren’t just a catchy buzzword. They’re a mantra, an ethos to the way that this family works. Even after she’s Lady Stark, Catelyn Tully Stark makes decisions based on the Tully creed  2,416 more words

Character Analysis

The True Author of the Pink Letter aka Bastard Letter in George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire"

“Your false king is dead, bastard. He and all his host were smashed in seven days of battle. I have his magic sword. Tell his red whore. 1,810 more words

Risky Rewards from Roose Bolton

One of the more interesting and understated characters on HBO’s Game of Thrones is Roose Bolton, the Lord of the Dreadfort.

Usual spoiler warnings apply: One cannot talk about Roose Bolton without dropping massive spoilery details for the series. 1,642 more words


Cersei Lannister: the Queen Who Played with Wildfire

This post will be talking about HBO’s Game of Thrones in general, and specifically about Queen Cersei Lannister. She had a pretty eventful season recently on the show, and if you’re not caught up on… 1,208 more words


Game of Thrones' Stannis Baratheon: A Review

By now I’ve written several character reviews for George Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, profiling characters ranging from Littlefinger to Hodor. This particular one, of Robert Baratheon’s younger brother Stannis, is one I have wanted to do for quite some time but always held off on. 673 more words

Think of the Children! (of the Forest, I mean.)

Happy Holidays! This post will be talking about HBO’s Game of Thrones, the nearly finished adaptation of George “I’ll finish this when I’m good and ready” RR Martin’s series… 2,076 more words