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Stannis Baratheon: Protector of Grammar in Westeros

While Stannis Baratheon moves forward in his claim to take the Iron Throne at King’s Landing, he makes sure to correct the grammar of illiterates along the way. 90 more words


In Support of Stannis the Mannis' Claim to the Iron Throne

If you are a regular viewer of the show Game of Thrones, you have probably asked yourself some questions: Is Dany a terrible leader? Are all her decisions completely awful? 239 more words


Why Daenerys Will Never Become the Queen of Westeros? A Military Strategy Perspective

Ruling Slaver’s Bay from Meereen, Daenerys Targaryen chose to rebuild the country after successfully liberating (or occupying) it from the former slave masters. As self-proclaimed Queen Daenerys has witnessed herself, there are many obstacles in ruling the Meereenese people. 343 more words


Series Issues: Game of Thrones 5x5 - Kill the Boy

Spoilers might fly overhead.

For this week’s episode of Game of Thrones 5×5: Kill the Boy, I was kinda hoping Sansa was going to poison Ramsay Bolton. 812 more words

Series Issues

Why Stannis has the most legitimate claim to the throne

Warning: Massive spoilers for most of the canon of Game of Thrones. Anything up to series 5 of the TV show, as well as the history and lore of Westeros, is fair game. 349 more words

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