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Lady Gwynhyfvar and yolkboy return with the final part of their analysis of the War of the Five Kings. This episode covers the fate of the remaining claimants to the Iron Throne, the conclusion of the war, and its aftermath. 12 more words


Euron Greyjoy vs Stannis Baratheon

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Suggested by iKnowledge Euron is a master hand to hand combatant who also has a high resistance to pain. As he can laugh off normal stab wounds it is safe to say that he is almost super human. 49 more words


Randyll Tarly vs Stannis Baratheon

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Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of two Game of Throne characters. Randyll is a capable commander who knows how to lead his troops around, but in combat I don’t think he would have the speed or stamina needed to defeat Stannis. 55 more words


Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Targaryen...

There’s an impression amongst some in the ASOIAF fandom that House Targaryen has a history of polygamy, and that Westeros permitted this. Ergo, Rhaegar could TOTALLY take Lyanna Stark as a second wife and thus Jon Snow is legitimate. 4,374 more words

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How George RR Martin Predicted Imran Khan’s Marriage. And How It Will Help Him Become PM

Author’s note: The article is a work of satire.

Pakistan has been having a news deficit. In the past year nothing of essence has happened, or if it has we have no idea because until and unless the media thinks we should know about it we won’t.

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EPISODE 35 – Wot5K, pt 2 – FIVE KINGS

yolkboy and Lady Gwynhyfvar return with part two of their analysis of the War of the Five Kings. In this episode we cover the action in the Riverlands, North, Iron Islands, Stormlands and Crownlands, with special focus on the Battle of Blackwater and its aftermath. 15 more words


Daenerys Targaryen and the Defense of the Realm

Up on the Watchers on the Wall website, I recently posted a feature discussing Daenerys Targaryen, and how her invasion of Westeros might not be the best thing for the defense of the Seven Kingdoms in the looming war against the White Walkers. 192 more words