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Stannis Baratheon: Macbeth Revisited

It’s no surprise to find Macbeth‘s influence in A Song of Ice and Fire; both stories are steeped in political desire, fringed with the supernatural, and pulsating with an undercurrent of psychological torment.   5,375 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire

Renly vs Stannis : Discount Rap Battle of History

Renly: Seven Gods, you’re such a bore bro, learn to have some fun

Maybe then you wouldn’t be the least favourite Baratheon

You got a stone face daughter to go with your stony personality… 415 more words


Game of Thrones: Season 5 Recap

This week I finished Game of Thrones Season 5 and I do not think I’ll have as much to say about this season as I do about last season but some things definitely went down and I’m actually not sure I feel about them… 3,719 more words

Your Grace

‘You’re talking to the King of the Seven Kingdoms – you’ll address him as ‘Your Grace’

I love it when Sir Davos says that to John Snow at the end of series 4 of… 790 more words