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Staph Infection? Fat Ass!

So, this post needs a lot of setup because there are several factors in play.

1. I am highly prone to staph infections for some weird reason. 769 more words

Staph Infection

Quick Eczema Update!

Since I was absent online yesterday and I’m not going to be posting very much eczema related stuff anytime soon I thought I’d give you a little explanation. 257 more words

1 Year Ago: Part 1

*Long Post*

“For everyone wondering why I’m in the hospital and need prayer, here it is. I have been having fevers for 9 days now. Woke up Monday in severe pain, came to the ER, and I have what they are calling a rash. 1,410 more words

'How Bleach Baths Saved My Skin'

When I first heard the term “bleach bath” a range of frightening images immediately popped into my mind: being poisoned, dissolving away, literally bleaching my skin a different color — basically the list goes on and on. 1,023 more words


Product Breakdown - Smells Like Green Spirit Antifungal Exfoliating Foot Scrub

We’re a martial arts family, the kids are currently enrolled in boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I do BJJ and used to do krav maga and kickboxing, so we’re no strangers to mat funk and *shudder* athlete’s foot.   807 more words

Product Breakdowns

Doctor Warns You Can Catch Herpes, HPV, Staph From Tanning Beds

We did NOT know this! A doctor from the Mayo Clinic says that you can catch STD’s and more from tanning beds! See how these things are spread… 157 more words


Woman becomes paralyzed after getting Staph infection from friend's makeup brush.


yeah you read that right. I saw the article myself yesterday and while it was really shocking it kind of wasn’t at the same time.. 101 more words