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Creamy Cheese Githeri with potatoes.

Just so y’all know most of my official pants and skirts can’t fit me no more. #HealthyEatingwith_Cheese. It is exciting and scary at the same time that am actually gaining weight or expanding. 450 more words

Home Cooked Meals

Ichiran Ramen - Japan

OK, lets talk real food not just themed cafes. Ichiran is a tonkotsu ramen shop with a unique service style, consistent deep flavors and tastes, and a traditional Chinese noodle instead of alkaline noodles. 620 more words


Crock Pot Chicken

There are easy, go to dishes,  fancy, exotic dishes, comfort foods and so much more when it comes to food. Sometimes, however, you need is a basic, starting point. 548 more words

Real Food

Doubting the number of the missed days of fast a woman did not make up for

Question: A woman says: “I gave birth to a daughter in Ramadaan after only four days of fast. I broke the fast for the rest of that month, but I cannot remember how many days I made up for because I did not make up for them consecutively. 141 more words



I think the first dish I cooked when I came to England is Giniling.

You can use either pork or beef in this dish (but I prefer beef). 227 more words

Filipino Food

 Cultural Tours

I am fascinated by different cultures and I enjoy exploring and experiencing different cultural lifestyles. Basically cultural tours give you a chance to go around in small villages exploring  how a certain tribe live, their food, their dance and the settlements.  154 more words



Everybody loves a good chip (don’t they?)

My parents used to make me the most delicious chips as a child … Such simple meals I remember fondly but always so delicious. 393 more words

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