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Beef Fried Rice

Name: Beef Fried Rice (牛肉炒饭)

Time: 20 mins

Main Ingredients: Beef and Shallot


  • 4 cups of leftover rice
  • 3 tablespoons beef tallow or vegetable oil…
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Staple Food

Chinese Chicken Congee

Name: Chinese Chicken Congee(鸡肉粥)

Time: 1 hour

Introduction: There are many kinds of congee in China. Compared with rice, it is more easier to digest. It is suitable for children and old people. 129 more words

Staple Food

Hot and Dry Noodles–Wuhan Noodles

Name: Hot and Dry Noodles–Wuhan Noodles(武汉热干面)

Time: 2 hours

Introduction: It is a characteristic food in WuHan province. The main seasoning is tuned sesame paste. And usually we top with picked spicy radish also from Hubei and sometimes pickled long Chinese green beans. 294 more words

Staple Food

Dal or lentils is one of the staple food eaten with rice, roti or chapati (wheat-based flat bread). There are many variations that can be prepared with Dal such as Dal Fry, Dal Makhani, Spinach Dal and many more. 297 more words


The Medical and Health Workers Union, Lagos State Council, on Saturday said that it would embark on public enlightenment to
discourage consumption of soaked garri for now to prevent Lassa Fever. 278 more words

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Native Jollof Rice

In Africa especially Nigeria, rice is the seed of the grass species Oryza glaberrima (African rice), (photo: L-R Oryza rice & white rice… 165 more words


Menuai Asa di Kampung (Singkong) Cirendeu

Program swasembada pangan selalu menjadi prioritas pemerintah sejak orde lama hingga sekarang, nyatanya hanya sekali mendapatkan swasembada, yaitu tahun 1984. Setelahnya impor beras mendominasi kebijakan pangan negeri ini. 492 more words