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YOU NEED TO MAKE A STAR CHART.  It was like Coops peaditrician had just asked me to jump in front of a bus.  I  looked at her in disbelief did she think I hadnt made 50 billion star charts.   226 more words

The Persistent Riddle of the Kitora Tomb Star Chart

In 1998, the ancient Kitora Tomb was discovered in Asuka, located in the Nara Prefecture of Japan.  The tomb is relatively small but features beautiful paintings of animals (a black tortoise, a red phoenix, a white tiger, and a blue dragon) which represent the four points of the compass.   322 more words


Still Life | Below the map starry sky

LG G4 Rated as the Best Camera Phone for Pictures @ Searchy.One Search

Description From Photographer if Any:

Someone hid the bottle under an umbrella to her nothing happened.

By millanag

Source: 500px.com


Ancient Star Maps: Taoism, Star Gates

Star Chart
Ink rubbing of a stele at the Confucian Temple, Suzhou, Jiangsu province
Southern Song dynasty, Chunyou reign, dated 1247
Hanging scroll; ink on paper
183 x 100 cm


Mommy needs a star chart...

It’s 5:15 am and I’m sitting here with tissue (ok, toilet paper) stuffed up my nose, about the make my third espresso.  The kids have been home sick as well, which has thrown a wrench in the work schedule, and the house looks like a bomb went off. 203 more words


Android Phone Astronomy

I’ve been using for quite some time a few apps that I would love to mention. This time I’m promoting something called Mobile Observatory; its current version is 2.6 and has been developed by… 423 more words