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Well Behaved Children Without Punishments, Threats, Bribes or Rewards? Yes It's Possible!

Recently I made a video on Parenting without Punishments and why we would choose to raise our children in this way.

The question on everybody’s lips was, “That’s great, but if you don’t use punishments, rewards, threats or bribes, what DO you do to get them to behave? 208 more words

Natural Parenting

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 21 (Your Zodiac/Horoscope and Whether it Fits You or Not)

Okay, I’m a Leo. I totally embrace that side of myself. I am a fire sign and a fire elemental. Fire is at my very core. 1,383 more words

30 Day Writing Challenge

4. Content Knowledge

4.1 Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy: Teacher’s plans and practice reflect familiarity with a wide range of effective pedagogical approaches in the discipline. To me, this means that teachers should use research- based practices that could work with a myriad of students first, then more on to more individual and intensive strategies for a student when those more common strategies are not effective. 472 more words

Student Learning


Here’s what we’ve got.  Silly offensive antics.  A media herd producing reality TV at its worst.  Political tumult and chaos, coming and going.  Predictions, anyone? 97 more words


Free Reward Star Chart for School Holidays

Half-term holidays for schools is once again upon us What about a FREE star chart to help keep the youngsters busy during the holidays When it comes to checking your child’s behaviour there’s really nothing like a reward chart. 223 more words

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What Would We Do Without It Wednesday!: I Can Do It Reward Chart

I Can Do It Chart!: Just Two More To Go for the Day!

I Can Do It Chart! Just Two More To Go for the Day! 474 more words

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Star Chart or Reward System


Hari ni nak kongsi sikit tentang star chart/ reward system untuk anak-anak kita. Sebab kita cuba untuk menuju ke arah positive parenting, jadi kita akan bagi reward pada perbuatan yang baik. 311 more words