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Looking Back at Star Fox

The Star Fox series is certainly eclectic. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem to know quite what it wants to do with itself. Nintendo never seemed satisfied with letting it just be the arcade rail shooter that fans prefer, and it instead used it as an outlet for experimentation and innovation with admittedly varied results. 1,286 more words

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Star Fox Zero - Initial Thoughts

I’ve been playing Star Fox Zero just  as much as I can be. Now I have had time to reflect and defeat Andross for the first time I’ve decided to put my thoughts down. 542 more words


The Adequacy Of Star Fox Zero

The only thing out of this week’s Nintendo Direct that really caught my eye personally was Star Fox Zero. The rest of the stuff looked great, but I’m probably only thinking about buying that one (and  815 more words


Star Fox—An Epic Reduced to a Tech Demo

It’s something I was afraid of.

You see, Star Fox began life on the SNES as a technology demo. Then it was revised to show what the N64 could do, but basically with the same story. 310 more words


But What Is Star Fox?

We’ll almost surely see Star Fox U—or whatever they’re going to call it—on display at E3 next week during Nintendo’s digital event. Star Fox games always generate a lot of hype. 262 more words