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The Star of Bethlehem Explained

As we near Christ Mass, which is the birth of the sun god and son of the Star, many of us are interested in communing with the spirit that is projected onto us by the Star of Bethlehem and it is this same spirit that dwells within each of us. 3,121 more words


Originally posted on StopAndPrayTV: May 17, 2015 Proof of when the Star of Bethlehem happened and how… https://youtu.be/kO7Dz0uOMjM

via VIDEO The Star of Bethlehem Scientifically Proven — The way I see things …

Sally D's Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature

Last year a friend and I posted flower pictures on Facebook every day for about 45 or so days. We began on May 1st just like we have this year, so I though I would just use that photograph here. 28 more words


Grief, Shock & Loss: PTSD and Star of Bethlehem

Look who I discovered hiding behind my house this spring! This escapee was most likely introduced into New England as a horticultural plant and has now become a naturalized flower of Southern Appalachia. 934 more words

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Seeing Through The Veil

According to Matthew, the only one of the four Canonical gospels to mention the Magi, they came “from the east” to worship the “king of the Jews” (Matt 2:1-2). 1,775 more words


On Earth as in the Heavens

“The As Above became so below”

In the Western Church calendar, 6th January is called ‘Epiphany’, when the “Wise Men” or “magi” arrived at the place where the infant Jesus and his family were.

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The coming of the Kings is celebrated after Christmas.  Who were they, these men who

travelled across the known world to follow a star and visit a new King?   505 more words

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