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Star People

Here’s a video Afra Sohar put together a few years ago of some of the things I said about ETs. Please bear these things in mind when you hear so called abductees talking about the evil aliens with their evil agendas.


Happy month of August! These are strange and exciting times. The Mooch just got fired after serving only days and there are reports of AI units creating their own secret language… 646 more words

Card Combinations

The Crystal Skulls

There are many legends regarding crystal skulls which were associated with the Mayan and other South American tribes and numerous crystal skulls have appeared over the last fifty years claiming to be one of these ancient skulls.   1,069 more words

Ancient Wisdom

For the star people

All of you who are here – all of you who have been waiting for your time loooking for your people. This blog is for you to connect with each other. 100 more words


Aliens, Pot, Native Americans and Mental Health

What the hell do aliens have to do with pot, Native Americans, and mental health?  Quite a bit, actually!  Many tribes across the Americas have legends of aliens, or Star People, bringing cannabis to this planet.  1,137 more words

Ancient Wisdom


In 1974 a message was sent into space, known as the “Arecibo” message.  It was put together by Carl Sagan and his colleagues and was sent via radio waves at a special ceremony to celebrate the remodeling of the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. 784 more words

Ancient Wisdom


Legends of beings descending from the stars abound around the world and North America has its fair share of tales.  The Cherokees say the Star People come from the Pelaidies,   which is also what Lakota history tells us.  788 more words