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#40 Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke and the Star People

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Kate Valentine and Fahrusha welcome Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke to Shattered Reality Podcast. She has written three books on American Indians and their experiences with Star People and Sky People. 172 more words


Crossing the line

When the autumn has begun and first rays of november are closening a deep inner meditation begins. Now is the time of spirits when the veil to unseen has been liftes. 284 more words

Traces of the Gods - Ancient Astronauts on Earth



Ancient Innovations


Did ancient astronauts seed the human race? If so, what was their agenda? Have these ancient astronauts used planet Earth as a place for their ‘science projects’, creating race after race using biogenetic manipulation, then wiping everything out and starting again? 177 more words


I am Nova.

I have the heart of a star beating inside me.

I am not long for this world.

I would prefer to live. 5,912 more words


Sphere Alliance Message #182 WE SHARE THE EXCITEMENT OF OUR APPROACHING VISIBILITY ~ July 21, 2016 — roseramblesdotorg

Rose Rambles Blog

Wow, oh…wow! This message from American Kabuki just thrills my soul! American kabuki lives in Texas and has devleoped a relationship with some off-world Beings (part of the Sphere Alliance?) with whom he communicates on a regular basis.

33 more words

Wes Annac - Extraterrestrials on Earth? - Reported ET Contacts, Part 1/2 - 7-19-16


Wes Annac   –   Extraterrestrials on Earth?   –   Reported ET Contacts, Part 1/2   –   7-19-16

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness



Note: I shouldn’t have spoken so soon about ceasing to post my reports in parts; as you can see I’ve reversed the decision in favor of having something to post every day (or at least most days). 1,074 more words

Preparing For First Contact--Shelia's Story--The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie - 7-17-16

Thanks to:   https://illuminations2012.wordpress.com/2016/07/17/suzanne-lie-preparing-for-first-contact-chapter-16-shelias-story/


By the Arcturians—Through Suzanne Lie


Shelia’s Story

Beloved Earth Citizens,

Sharman is “on assignment” orbiting Earth. 1,955 more words