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No One comes out of the Bermuda Triangle...

“…not even for vacation.”

Today was a rough day of which I spent the majority staring into empty space until the power went out and my boyfriend realized he forgot to pay the bill. 377 more words

'i think being a star on earth must be terribly lonely'

imagine; star people, burning and blinding on and on forever around the earth but still so, so far away, watching mankind with all the wonder which mankind watches them back with. 488 more words



Following an exchange with a friend that at one point included the concept of children inheriting the sins of their fathers I’ve kind of been thinking about it. 565 more words

The Origin of the Bosnian Pyramids

A Message from ‘MARK’ channeled by Jonette Crowley at the Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko, Bosnia What is born today is many suns 1,475 more words
Jonette Crowley

We Are Star People!

No, that is not a Bob Sinclair song. It is a revelation of divine proportions. Only, THIS concept, which is grounded in the soils of the Big Bang Theory, bears more gravity than Creationism. 1,264 more words



The following is a very important message and encounter with the Sasquatch given to BC Canada native SunBow (DawaOutah). In this message, the history and all details of the universe and connection between the human, sasquatch, and some star species are outlined as well as the reasons. 1,196 more words