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To All Carole Lombard Fans. Does anyone know where the 152 carat Star Sapphire is now?

Anyone? After re-creating this beautiful brooch, I am still hooked on finding the original star sapphire. Just for kicks. So if anyone reads this or knows of someone that can help please let me know. 120 more words

Re-creative Jewelry

A Weekend Outside of Gotham

Today is “Tuesday as a Monday” for me, but I have a quick minute that I can play along with today’s Daily Prompt.    I like that you can just click a button on their post and it inserts the link for you in a new one of your own, like this: 596 more words

Daily Prompt

Green Lantern 38

Today, Mark and Patrick are discussing Green Lantern 38, originally released January 7th, 2015.

Mark: My least favorite part of any story that follows the traditional hero’s journey is when we get to the Reluctant Hero. 1,454 more words

Alternating Current

The Star Sapphires Officially Get Their First Male Member

If you’ve been following the recent Green Lantern Corps comics, you know the New Gods have been trying to take the Lanterns’ rings to wield them against Darkseid. 353 more words


The Most Wonderful Time of Year!

Another Halloween has come and gone, and this year, two of my college friends came to visit, so it was nice to see them after four months of separation. 382 more words


Pave Setting Style in Wax?

For several years I was a full time wax carving artist for different product designers. Our clients were varied, we worked with hardware designers, jewelry designers and even a goblet designer. 53 more words

Re-creative Jewelry