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Light Blue Star Sapphire Earrings

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These are so nice! ! I was only able to come across enough for 6 pairs…
Medium dome light blue star sapphire glass magnetic earrings are held on the ear with two 13 x 2 mm enamel painted ceramic magnets; one is attached to the earring and one that goes behind the ear to hold it on. 87 more words

Magnetic Earrings

Sunday Rings

It’s Sunday, possibly it is raining or perhaps it is just dreary and cold enough that the thought of going out just does not appeal. 322 more words

Erica Madelin

Banishing, Grounding, Invoking, Evoking and Sacred Space

What are banishing, grounding, invoking, evoking and sacred space?

when, why and how would I use them?

What is the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, and why and how can it benefit me? 3,389 more words


Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire)

Next character in Lucy W.‘s list is quite a major one in Green Lantern‘s mythology: Carol Ferris, the eternal love interest of  1,047 more words


Jewel of the day: Art Deco Star Sapphire Ring

I could probably start every blog post by saying I am a fan of this or that, or love a particular style, but Art Deco really floats my boat. 46 more words