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"I Guess Some Things are too Perfect to Fall for." (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #31 Comic Review)

A perfect life isn’t given. You have to go get it.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #31 Review
Written by: Robert Venditti
Cover by: Ethan Van Sciver…

589 more words

The Zamarons Create The Star Sapphire Ring

This is a huge turning point for the Zamarons and their Star Sapphires. Creating a ring instead of using the gem to take over human hosts makes the violet light easier to wield. 32 more words


Green Lantern Hal Jordan VS The Zamarons

That’s actually pretty hilarious and smart of Green Lantern Hal Jordan to kiss the Zamaron Queen. The Star Sapphire was tricked into possessing her instead.

From – Green Lantern Vol. 4 #20


Hal Jordan Creates A Green Lantern Suit For Carol Ferris

I’m surprised Green Lantern Hal Jordan was capable of doing this… sort of deputizing someone in his name. It seemed like something Sinestro would think of.

From – Green Lantern Vol. 4 #19