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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Rapture (Review)

Faith can be a tricky issue.

At one point in Rapture, the primary cast take a moment to reflect upon it. Kira tries to explain her belief in Sisko and the Prophets to Dax and O’Brien. 9,329 more words

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Ascent (Review)

Discussions of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine tend to focus on the big sweeping events and the epic scope.

It is easy to see why this is the case. 5,258 more words

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Things Past (Review)

At a time when Star Trek: Voyager was working very hard to disentangle itself from its own past, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine committed to exploring its own. 6,973 more words

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Holodeck Stories of Win!

This week’s Trek post (it’ll stop soon, it will) is about the most reviled genre of Trek story: the Holodeck episode. after copious and diligent research,* there are three main reasons I’ve found that makes this Trek genre beat out even the dreaded One Episode Romance as Worst Trek Genre: 1,741 more words


Best Episodes for Worf

There’s a lot to choose from here—Michael Dorn played Worf for eleven seasons of Star Trek. I wasn’t into Klingon episodes as a kid, but re-watching TNG and DS9 recently, I’ve grown to appreciate the work that Dorn and the writers did with Worf over the years, and the truly epic sci-fi tale they were able to tell about the Empire. 497 more words

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My Top 5 Episodes of DS9 Season Five & Voyager Season Three

As my husband and I are going through our second full watch of Star Trek as a couple, I thought it would be fun to report on the highlights along the way. 299 more words


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Let He Who Is Without Sin...

It would be tempting to treat Let He Who Is Without Sin… as an anomaly.

After all, it is very much the worst episode of the fifth season. 5,550 more words

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