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10 Reasons Why Star Trek Beyond Will Disappoint Trekkies

I am a trekkie. I genuinely believe in the term and believe it was what Roddenberry envisioned for us. I have watched most of the episodes and all of the movies. 835 more words

Star Trek: Discovery 1x02 - 'Battle at the Binary Stars' - Review

Red alert! SPOILERS at maximum!

We’re going to have to adjust to a Star Trek series where every week we get a cliffhanger, quite possibly, with… 811 more words


From Worst To Best: Reboot Star Trek

Speaking as a life long Star Trek fan I can pretty much say that while I admire him for bringing Star Trek back to the big screen, I seriously hate J.J. 3,190 more words


My thoughts on Star Trek Discovery !

Summer is finally over and we fast approaching the launch of a batch of new Tv shows, one of the most highly anticipated shows will be Star trek Discovery. 676 more words


Star Trek Into Darkness

Year: 2013
Directed By: J.J. Abrams
Written By: Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and David Lindelof. Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek)


Finally, I’ve made it. This is the twelfth and final Star Trek film I will be reviewing. 1,237 more words

Science Fiction

A Pragmatic Genre Discussion of Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)

J.J. Abrams’ science-fiction blockbuster offers an intriguing pragmatic analysis of the science-fiction franchise. Being both a mainstream Hollywood sequel and spin-off to a hugely popular television series containing it’s own established community, Star Trek Into Darkness possesses a certain multiplicity (Altman: 1999, p.210) of uses and users, consequently alluding to Altman’s pragmatic approach the goals that it entails. 1,604 more words


Ensign Chekov, Pavel Andreievich: Remembering Anton Yelchin

I, along with many others, remember where they were when they heard the news of young actor Anton Yelchin‘s death. Far too young, Yelchin was on the cusp of his rise in Hollywood. 318 more words