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DO: No True Escape

Entry One Hundred Thirty-Two

I look back at my earlier entries, and I laugh to think that I was free of the Klingons.  Gaining a ship outside of the normal KDF was supposed to set me free.  1,308 more words

Building Character

Chapter 10: Battlefield - 8

Once the drones were armed and fighting, it wasn’t long before they were pushing back hard. Even with their elderly weapons and lack of any sophisticated training, most of them were built to fight. 933 more words


Creeping up with the Cardassians

Ruthless. Sadistic. Mistrustful. Xenophobic. Serpentine. Gray-skinned alien humanoids bent on oppression and controlling their neighbors. A vile, nasty bunch, sure, but we are not here to talk about the Kardashians. 605 more words


Chapter 10: Battlefield - 7

By the time they had met the third attendant, it was an art. Both would fire constantly as they approached the orderly, and then the two could incapacitate them. 1,145 more words


Chapter 10: Battlefield - 6

Luckily, the fight never came. The door swished open, and an unsteady Three-Twelve removed herself from the opening. She placed the console door back on the frame and waved One Forty-Five over to assist her in. 919 more words



The young men, gorch faced and fully in the grip of jak’tahla were restless. It was a scene that could be anywhere, with any race of people and it would be familiar as a gathering of young men. 1,409 more words

Star Trek Online

Chapter 10: Battlefield - 5

She was spotted the second she set foot in the hall leading to solitary. The single female patrolling this corridor did a quick sidestep before making her way towards One Forty-Five. 933 more words