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Fourteen Years In

2018 was a rough year for me, which impacted my playing time in the MMO-sphere.  Still, I was hardly inactive, and it’s time to take a look back on 2018 to see what has come before-and try to guess where I’ll go with the incoming year. 1,303 more words

Star Trek Online

Bridge Officers - The Hiring

Star Trek Bridge Officers are the main cast; they drive each of their shows and the stories. There wouldn’t be much of Star Trek if Kirk didn’t have Spock and McCoy at his side! 1,021 more words


LHG Podcast Ep 12: Resident Evil 2, Bungie and Activision Divorce, and a LOT of Inappropriate Jokes

Welcome back!

This week, Allan and Emmett bring Graydon back on to get a little bit crazy.

Allan talks his time with the Resident Evil 2 demo and Star Trek Online. 124 more words


Zhi Xing - The House of Stars

Zhi Xing – The House of Stars Companion Guild House

Zhi Xing, the House of Stars exists in the gentle Celestial Sea on the Isle of the Rising Moon on Thalas, a pelagic planet of wide open oceans and beautiful islands. 946 more words

Thalas Imperium

Star Trek Online recently added the New Orleans class of starship to the game from the Battle of Wolf 359. Here are 3 other rare ship classes from that battle.

Recently Star Trek Online players received in game the “New Orleans” class of starship. This is a little-known starship class that made its appearance in a post-battle, ship graveyard scene after the Federation battled the Borg at Wolf 359. 355 more words


Mirror of Discovery: PARA PECUM... the what now?

Far be it for me to promote illiteracy by poking fun at a geek intellectual language like latin, but like a lot of people, I had to do a double-take the first time I see the title for the upcoming AoD episode. 780 more words


W&M: Return to the Foundry

Personal Log, Stardate 96621.54.

I’ve achieved a milestone in my career.  My activities as commanding officer of the Runner have gained the notice of the Admiralty, who have decided to promote me to the rank of Captain!  912 more words

Building Character