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Chapter 6: Departure - 3

“I suppose that a tour is in order.”

Dr. Rich turned around slightly before proceeding through the door to her left. Ti, Bellows, Three-Twelve and One Forty-Five all followed while the man that had accompanied her walked away from the group. 802 more words


Chapter 6: Departure - 2

It was a short ride via shuttle from the Labra to the station, but there was still enough time to investigate the surrounding space from the window beside One Forty-Five. 716 more words


Top 10 Games of 2017: 1. Star Trek: Online

That Mekleth is Black and very big.. It reminds me of another item in Nakato’s Private collection.


Chapter 6: Departure - 1

Never knew I could feel like this ,
Like I’ve never seen the sky before.
~”Come What May”

One Forty-Five awoke in a start, sitting up on the bed stiffly. 661 more words


Chapter 5: Sibling - 7

It was cold and quiet. The two played off each other, multiplying one another; making it colder and quieter with each second. Perhaps this was death. 862 more words

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Incoming T6 Allied Pilot Escorts

Rumors about the new T6 Allied Pilot Escorts have circulated for a while now, and it’s finally announced. Here is the official news.

About time the old Kumari gets a T6 upgrade! 2,681 more words


Chapter 5: Sibling - 6

Ti tied the tether around his waist and tugged it a bit to test for strength. There was a very good chance that this cargo rope was going to be the only thing keeping him around. 988 more words