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The Cast List: Introducing Jennifer Rodgers of Star Trek Online

When a new faction in Star Trek Online rolls around, I tend to try to make two or three characters in the faction, one representing each career:  Tactical, Engineering, or Science.  474 more words

Star Trek Online

W&M: The Chronicle of Selak Kayal

Personal Log, Stardate 96196.53.

Today is Graduation Day.  Today, I can look back on the previous four years and marvel at the direction of my life. 1,339 more words

Building Character

The Cast List: Introducing Teranok of Star Trek Online

While I keep things in suspense a little longer about my next character chronicle, let’s take a dip into the past with a new entry to the Cast List.  612 more words

Star Trek Online

Prologue: The End - 1

Her shoulder hit the wall hard, causing One Forty-Five to wince before taking the rifle from the security team. She didn’t turn to them, holding out her hand and talking over her shoulder. 924 more words


Epilogue: To The Stars - 2

The datapad held all kinds of tactical information, most of if it telling her what she already knew about the ancient ship that was her next assignment. 641 more words


Epilogue: To The Stars - 1

Vara leaned over so she could see them both in the mirror, her usual grin hanging on her face.

“Well, hello Ensign One Forty-Five.”

“Are you going to do that all day?” 637 more words