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DO: Keeping with the Season

Entry Thirty-Three.

There is something worse than Klingon politics after all.

Being in Klingon Hell.

I wish I were speaking figuratively.  But I’m not sure how much of it was a fever dream, and how much of it was real.  759 more words

Building Character

Updates to Star Trek Online - Xbox

Yesterday there was a massive update to STO on the Xbox. This was a prolonged update lasting 10-12 hours. Not only did they update the game but they also updated the infrastructure. 690 more words

DO: Hearts of the Hero

Entry Twenty-Six.

My great deeds with the Empire seem to have caught the attention of the people at Qo’noS.  Which is to say, I’ve got stories being told about me.  1,029 more words

Building Character

State of the Game: Diverted Attentions

I have snuck in some extra gaming time here and there over the past month (has it already been a month since I last made a round-up post? 1,063 more words


DO: The Game of Houses (Hah-I bet you thought I was going to use Thrones again, didn't you!?)

Entry Twenty-Two.

There are worse things than serving on a Klingon ship after all:  Klingon politics.

Thanks to “K’mtar”, I found myself embroiled in a plot to save the famous Worf of House Martok from assassins and worse.  1,091 more words

Building Character

How I record YouTube Video's

As you know, or you may not know, I run a YouTube Channel for the Xbox Star Trek Online. Some people on Xbox have asked me how do I do this, so here is how. 1,104 more words

Season 14: Emergence Overview

Sorry for the very sporadic posts, but things haven’t settled down for me at all. In addition to my unexpectedly poor post-op recovery, I am also dealing with mom’s failing health. 1,062 more words