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Age of Discovery

I’ve been away on a trip to the Far East for the past 3.5 weeks, and by gosh I missed a bunch of stuff that happened on STO! 1,226 more words


Star Trek Online - U.S.S. Columbus - Malachowsky Class

Star Trek Online just recently launched its Age of Discovery, in which new players and old can launch a new character and begin the adventure as a Starfleet Cadet in the Discovery setting. 78 more words

Star Trek

W&M: In Command

Personal Log, Stardate 96352.35.

It seems that after a number of missions that seemed to involve Starfleet Intelligence in some way-or Security, too-our ship has been assigned to patrol a number of systems in the Beta Quadrant, away from Klingon space and closer to Romulan space.  1,123 more words

Building Character

Discovering New Character(s)

Well, it looks like we have a date for the Age of Discovery patch for Star Trek Online.  Mark October 9 on the calendar, barring last minutes surprises that delay things.  438 more words

Star Trek Online

W&M: One-Shots

Personal Log, Stardate 96311.84.

The last of the Saurian Brandy that we swiped from Zevon Chojin’s party was served out last night.  It was good to have finally gotten rid of it.  997 more words

Building Character

The Cast List: Introducing Victor Storm of Star Trek Online

In Star Trek Online, in the days when it was just starting out, I had created a couple of Starfleet captains.  One was a Tactical captain in an Engineering ship-a Cruiser; one was a Science captain in a Tactical ship-an Escort.  824 more words

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