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Surf City, Here I Come

Well, once in a while, Starfleet Captains just gotta have fun.  And who needs it more, right?  Between wars with Klingons, Borg, Dominion, Undine, Vaadwaur, Iconians, and now Tzenkethi…well, it’s a wonder most of the officers in Starfleet haven’t gone mad.  523 more words

Building Character

Character Spotlight - General Gortusk

I’ve mentioned my KDF toon Gortusk several times in past posts, but I’ve never posted any screenshots or information about him. Which is a bit weird, since he is second only to Heidy in terms of experience and gear, and is my main KDF character. 1,916 more words


Pet of the Month

Huh, I wonder if with a title like that, Google will give my blog more hits? :p

But no, there’s nothing naughty to see here. This is about HANGAR pets in Star Trek Online. 1,104 more words


You Can Finally Be Nude in Star Trek Online Again

Warning! Censored images of naked people in this article. Turn back if you’re at work!

The nude mod for Star Trek Online can trace its roots all the way back to 2012, when it was originally made by a GVZ user who went by the names meehee and thefunkyone, before his mods went offline due to the home forum shutting down. 860 more words


Summer Event 2017

We are back to Risa for 2017 for some fun in the sun! 772 more words


Star Trek Online Update

From n4g.com – James writes – ‘Captains of Star Trek Online, you should now all have access to the latest update to arrive in the game. 19 more words

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