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The hijack part five

Enterprise battle drive
Schimota and obrian made it to a computor terminal. They tried to find the link up with the furengi ship. They hoped to find it and disrupt it. 629 more words

Star Trek The Next-generation

"A Matter of Perspective: Programming Computer/Krag I" by Ron Jones

The haunting theme from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “A Matter of Perspective.”

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Dark Page [7.7]

During a diplomatic mission on the Enterprise, Lwaxana Troi behaves erratically and eventually collapses when her own telepathy turns in on herself.  With the help of another telepathic species, Deanna is able to visit her mother’s nightmares, and eventually discover that she is repressing a terrible trauma from her years ago 1,251 more words

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Star Trek the Next Generation Audiobook Haul/Sesión de Compras de Audiolibros de Star Trek la Próxima Generación. 


Ever since two days ago I looked on the audible.co.uk website and saw that their summer sale had been extended for 48 hours. I was really pleased about this because there was 40% off everything in their catalogue. 1,625 more words

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The hijack part three

“Captain’s log, someone has taken control of the battle section. Those who abored the drive section are uncomscicous or unable to help. I have no idea who is behind this! 1,051 more words

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The hijack part two

The two sides of the enterprise started to come apart. No one knew why. The battle section left the area.
“The drive section has gone to warp!” Worf anounced. 600 more words

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