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Star Trek: TNG - The Worf Chronicles

A while ago I made a reference to the various pitches that have gone to CBS in the hopes of becoming the next ‘Star Trek’ television series. 211 more words


TV From The Crypts: Star Trek - The Next Generation Season 1

Now that I’ve finally left the sexist and oppressive visions that the 1960’s had for future space travel, I can move on to the rigid and unrealistic views encountered in the 1980’s. 3,109 more words


Iron Man HUD: 2nd-person view

The HUD itself displays a number of core capabilities across the Iron Man movies prior to its appearance in The Avengers. Cataloguing these capabilities lets us understand (or… 1,059 more words

The Avengers (2012)

"Time stands still"

Lesarda expected hI’m to come see her but he did not. She did not understand that. What was he doing. He made no sense. Why was he so distent?  730 more words

Star Fleet Academy

About Me

Hello! My name is Claire, and I love Star Trek. While I am only fourteen, I was introduced to the series a few years ago by my dad, and now I love it! 45 more words


Gues who is coming to dinner?

Tisora went right from the buss to inside the home. ” Greatings daughter!”her mother tilor said. “Greatings morther!” Tisora responded.
“How was thy day?” Her mother asked. 1,368 more words

Star Trek


Planet elderel four
The transporter beam emurged. The away team emurged on the serface. The team leader tapped on the com badge. “Picard to stargazer! “Picard said. 512 more words

Star Trek