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Line: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Series: 1

Scale: 5 inch

Height: 5 inches

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Star Trek

Star trek borg servivors club part five

Olsen looked over the plans he had worked on. He began to day dream. He started to imagine the home there.
He imagined beaming to the area. 518 more words

Star Trek

Star trek comings and goings part 7

Rougal came outside. He was walking to the transporter terminal. He saw a gang heading for him. He tried to walk the orther way.
“If it is not the man who killed my brother !”the man said.”your brother tried to kill me !”He said. 1,250 more words

Star Trek

Star trek borg survivors club part four

Vasala went back home to quebec. She entered her home. “Hi jame!”vasala said. “How was your date?”jamie asked. “Good! “Vasala said.
“Yesterday you were like gity!today not so much!whats up vasala? 340 more words

Star Trek

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff- Star Trek Event Game!!!

So I am a fan of Family Guy, and a long time ago I noticed that their was a new app game that is called “Family Guy:The Guest for Stuff” and I downloaded it to see what it was. 492 more words

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Suspicions [6.22]

Dr. Crusher tells Guinan the story of how she found herself involved in the murder of a Ferengi scientist who is attempting to develop a new form of shielding, which led her to disobey orders and get herself relieved of duty.  1,542 more words

Star Trek: The Next Generation