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Star Trek: The Next Story Bible--Captain And Commander

It’s time to go in-depth with the main characters (except Worf, who wasn’t created at the time). I don’t think they were cast yet but I do think this is the final version of them going into the show. 2,210 more words

Star Trek: The Next Generation

BW's Morning Article Link: Star Trek Captains Unite!

There have been various mixes and matches of the first four Star Trek series, or stories where events somehow connected to all four. But IDW is going all in and having them all show up… 63 more words

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"Starfleet's First Contact with the Sylvari - Part II"

“Starfleet’s First Contact with the Sylvari – Part II”

Lieutenant Wells didn’t specialize in linguistics at Starfleet Academy and her barely passing scores on the First Contact final exams did not prepare Hailey for this moment. 601 more words

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"Starfleet's First Contact with the Sylvari"

“Starfleet’s First Contact with the Sylvari”

Sylvari-born Zoeye Wilds crept out from behind the tree, armed with an arrow readied in her handcarved bow. 276 more words

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Coming soon from Retro TV Review

Here is a sneak peak of the upcoming Retro TV Review episodes as we get closer to the end of Star Trek the Next Generation.  Only a couple more seasons to go! 111 more words

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Star Trek: The Next Story Bible--Starship Life

This is going to be shorter than I thought it would be. The “Community & Family Life” and Holodecks sections are on the same page, and it’s followed up by full character profiles so I don’t want to combine them into the same section. 1,118 more words

Star Trek: The Next Generation

|||[Boldly Going]||| Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 6 --- a review

I was late joining the TNG bandwagon way back in the day. I believe I’ve mentioned this before. But, by the time Season 6 rolled around, I was caught up on the show, including most of the ones I had missed, and watched every episode as it aired each week. 680 more words

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