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A 'Star Trek' Luminary Will Direct An Episode Of The Upcoming 'Star Trek: Discovery' Series

After months of waiting and speculation, the roll out ahead of Star Trek: Discovery‘s premiere on CBS All Access is finally underway. The broadcaster’s digital arm… 217 more words


Boldly Going: TNG Episode 2.8 "A Matter of Honor": a review

When I started my Boldly Going Star Trek project back in January, it was never my intention to write reviews of individual episodes, unless it was a particularly important episode earning distinction. 431 more words


team vs solo

I was reading writer Morgan Gendel’s thoughts on the 25th anniversary of The Inner Light episode of Star Trek: TNG. I was struck by the ferocity of the writers’ room he describes. 462 more words


Top Five Inspiring TV Series

Sometimes it takes more than a single movie to get the creative juices flowing, and I confess, I do like a good series to look forward to on Saturday nights (please ignore what that says about my social life…). 569 more words

How to Celebrate Captain Picard Day – June 16, 2017

Captain Picard Day – June 16, 2017

Raise a cup of Earl Grey, hot, to the classiest captain the USS Enterprise has ever known. Reminisce about a simpler time, when your greatest concerns were getting up in time for marching band and getting home in time for TNG. 121 more words

Questionable Advice & Information

Star Trek Enterprise

I am currently “binging” Star Trek Enterprise.  I am almost finished with Season 1 and I have to say that I’m enjoying it.  I tried to watch it during its first run, but not having many of the series staples such as shields, photon torpedoes, and limited Transporter use really dampened my engagement for the show, not to mention the overt antagonism between humans and Vulcans during the first season, so I ultimately stopped watching it.   418 more words



We sometimes hear stories of innocent suspects falsely confessing to crimes. They fail to get a lawyer in time and become entangled in probings and accusations until fact and fiction blur and their minds create a new reality for them – one in which they’re guilty. 1,126 more words