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Interiors: The "Commodore Club" aboard the ocean liner Queen Mary 2.

So here’s an “Interiors” post that comes from my own life, and my own photos–which explains why they aren’t as panoramic or comprehensive as I like for this series. 596 more words


"Like Groundhog Day!?" 10 TV Episodes that Take Place in a Time Loop

It’s easy to see why the “time-loop” premise is so appealing to sci-fi shows. On a purely practical level, you can reuse the same set and cast of extras and supporting players for an entire running time. 1,914 more words


The society

The society
Part one age of empires.
Following the colapse of empires, a secret group from multiple worlds decided to secretly bring order to the galaxy.  879 more words

Star Trek

Forces of Evil in a Bozo Nightmare: Next Gen at Random #6 - "The Mind's Eye"

Teleplay by René Echevarria
Story by Ken Schafer and René Echevarria
Directed by David Livingston
Original airdate: May 27, 1991

You know what the problem with the Romulans is? 1,294 more words


Star Trek: TNG Season 6 "Schisms" and "True Q"

I’m going through “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and reviewing every episode, complete with commentary and a grade from A-F. I’ve also included a score and comment from my wife, who has never seen the show before. 788 more words

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Chaos on the Bridge (2014): A Documentary Exploring the Conflict Behind Starting "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

    I’m not the biggest fan of William Shatner. The stories of how he treated the cast, and his pet project film of “The Final Frontier” was just awful as it was all about Kirk and he even had the crew of the “Enterprise” turn against him just so he could be the center of attention…so yeah, I’m not the biggest fan. 593 more words

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Dawn of the day part seven

“Captain’s log,a klingon from the past has stolen a shipyard from our time. This has forced us to go back in time and retreve the shipyard. 1,218 more words

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