Outlander: Outside Looking In

My wife has always been an avid reader but my first memory of her being caught up in the fandom of a book series was the… 1,314 more words

'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Home For Sale In Malibu, Part Of 'The Survivors' Episode

If you are a Trekker with a spare $5.695 million, you could acquire a cool Star Trek:The Next Generation souvenir.

A Malibu, CA home that was the centerpiece of a SNG season three episode called… 166 more words


Worst Star Trek TNG Episodes: Skin of Evil

The first 2 seasons of TNG are universally regarded as the worst part of the show’s history. If you want the whole sordid story of why these seasons are such a mess, I suggest watching  298 more words

Memory Lane

Star Trek: The Next Story Bible--Meet The Crushers

It’s time to complete our look at the cast for season one according to the writer’s guide. Every ship has a ship’s doctor, and when you have people constantly going head-first into danger you want him or her to be an important part of your cast. 1,875 more words

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Sirk TV Comic Review: IDW Advance Previews [10-23-18]

The essence of these following comics reflect in their search for truth despite manipulation, ignorance and simple feelings of superiority within the character constructs.

Judge Dredd – Toxic #1… 340 more words

Tim Wassberg

Top 10 Favorite Star Trek TNG Episodes: Lower Decks

A few years back, I reviewed what I considered were the best and worst episodes of the original Star Trek. While I was writing those posts, I had started rewatching the 80’s version,  324 more words


Star Trek: The Next Story Bible--The Other Two

Thanks to a messed up schedule this week and for some reason that episode I still need to watch still eluding me (it’s like BBC America doesn’t want me to review the new Doctor correctly) we’ll just put this in the regular slot. 2,422 more words

Star Trek: The Next Generation