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So, this weekend will be Awesomecon ad many know that I’m one of the staff photographers and have been asking me about who I might be covering at some of the panels. 58 more words

Star trek casandra 18.4

Star fleet command
  “There are commander bolt’s all over the headquarters. Last count was 200!” Admiral fitzpatrick said. “Are you saying there are probably more?”admiral komack asked. 829 more words

Star Trek

Write for the Cover Volume One is now available!

Have you ever seen the episode of Deep Space Nine called Far Beyond the Stars? The episode shows Captain Sisko imagining himself as a pulp writer in the 50s. 152 more words


Plot for the World or World for the Plot?

World-building is the sine qua non of fiction. The construction of a coherent fictional world enables the narrative to operate within constraints that make sense to the reader. 716 more words

Star Wars Landspeeder Bed And Other News

Big post today! Like the previous post, here is another bed design that I discarded a few months ago, because several others beat me to the punch… 266 more words


This Chinese executive may be the biggest "Star Trek" fan on the planet

A Chinese entrepreneur and avid Star Trek fan has built his company headquarters to look like the USS Enterprise of the classic American science fiction franchise.  468 more words