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'Star Trek: Beyond' Exceeds Expectations By Not Being Shit

So, ‘Star Trek: Beyond’, the film that was almost suffocated at birth by the Jovian-magnitude mediocrity of its own marketing campaign, which consisted of a trailer that was more damaging to public mental health… 2,125 more words


Star Trek Beyond review

Star Trek Beyond is a really good movie with a really silly name.  There, I’ve said it.  The title is ridiculous.  Of course, Star Trek Into Darkness was a ridiculous title as well.  904 more words


Yet Another USS Discovery Theory

Yet Another USS Discovery Theory

I got to thinking about all the theories about where the Discovery fits in the timeline and all the evidence to suggest the show will not take place in the late 24th century. 252 more words

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Star Trekflix - New series teaser!

Whether it was because Star Wars Celebration Europe had just happened, or whether it was planned all along it doesn’t matter, but we have our first glimpse at the new Star Trek series. 217 more words


They Came from the Holodeck!

Earn Doctor Chaotica in “They Came From the Holodeck Part 2!”

The dastardly deeds of space-villain Doctor Chaotica are once again being unleashed upon the galaxy, and the entire Alpha Quadrant needs your help, Captain! 341 more words

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My Star Trek Quest!

I’m about to boldly go where millions of people have gone before.

I consider myself to be a pretty well rounded geek when it comes to films, TV and pop culture. 280 more words