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Bones Gets Married, Chap 2

Chapter 2

“Jim, it’s so good to see you,” Shayla greeted him with the briefest of hugs. She was part Orion, part Human, and exotically beautiful with light green skin and raven hair. 440 more words

Star Trek

Moving at the Speed of Plot

I recently caught a few old episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and got reminded how some of the details in science fiction plot truly aren’t necessary to explain. 347 more words


Star Trek: Voyager - Nemesis (Review)

Nemesis is a great example of Star Trek: Voyager pitching itself as generic Star Trek.

This is a story that is not unique or particular to this crew. 4,317 more words


Quotes: Today's Young People Are Proud to Be Smart and Curious

“What’s remarkable is the way ‘nerd’ is such a badge of honor now. Growing up, I’m sure I wasn’t the only kid who read Spider-Man comics and learned how to do the Vulcan salute, but it wasn’t like it is today.

96 more words

The Mission

Hi, my name is Chris, and I’m a Trekoholic.

(Hi, Chris!)

What is this thing?

Dude, my life hasn’t always been rollercoasters and Fruit Roll-Ups. Neither has anyone else’s, I suppose. 694 more words