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'S' is for...

Whilst thinking about this post, I noticed that everything I was planning on including either began with, or had some connection to, the letter ‘S’. And that gave me my… 1,166 more words


TOS is now on Netflix Germany!

TOS is now on Netflix Germany!

The other shows are still missing but it's a start. Hopefully they will be added later. :)

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Space "Cowboys"

This weekend I’m at Bubonicon 48. If you’re in Albuquerque, I hope you’ll drop by and visit us at the Hadrosaur Productions table and check out some of the cool panels going on. 719 more words


Fun idea: Vulcan's ignore Cochrane but Ferengi don't .... Firefly?

Fun idea: Vulcan’s ignore Cochrane but Ferengi don’t …. Firefly?

While dreaming up 'a trek where vulcan didnt find us first' I noticed how a ferengi-born humanity could very easily become like firefly, sub-light and still money obsessed. 15 more words

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