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Imperial Tank & Rebel Landspeeder Now Available

TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank Unit Expansion

For the Galactic Empire, conquering a planet is only the beginning of the battle. Massive vehicles like AT-STs and elite shock troops like Imperial Death Troopers may be effective at sweeping across battlefields and capturing new territory, but they rarely stick around to hold this ground. 322 more words

Star Wars Legion

NTMtO Blog: Sabotaging the Meta – Daniel Lupo

This week we welcome guest writer Daniel Lupo, who won an invite to worlds by going 3-1 at High Command with a list featuring three saboteur strike teams (no snipers!).  191 more words

Star Wars Legion

TheTerrainStudio: Bunker Build Video - Sample

This is a sample clip – to see the whole video and more build videos (including a whole lot more) consider joining TheTerrainStudio Patreon

Join here: https://www.patreon.com/TheTerrainStudio

Star Wars Legion

How to Create a Freshly-Waxed Death Star Base

Picture this:

You’re sitting under the light of your handy miniature-painting lamp, getting ready to base Emperor Palpatine, or the Royal Guard, or even the medical droid, and you think to yourself… 743 more words


The Eclectic Gamer: Map Based Campaign With 3D Printable Tiles

Adam Pitzer wrote on Facebook: “3d printed these for the store so we can have a fun map based campaign. We have some more casual players who are less interested in leagues and tournaments and another nearby store has that covered. 40 more words

Star Wars Legion

Maximum Annihilation: Krennic vs Veers

It’s Thursday night Legion night at my FLGS Games Cube. Fresh from lots of spacemen pew pew at ANZAC Cup, I lined up another game with my mate Damo. 70 more words

Star Wars Legion

Speculation: Future Imperial Units?

With the forthcoming Clone Wars core set I’m intrigued with how the current factions of the Empire, and the Rebellion will interact with the two new factions. 266 more words

Star Wars Legion