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How 'The Clone Wars' helped me appreciate Anakin Skywalker again

When it comes to the Star Wars movies, people generally fall into two different camps: loving the original trilogy and hating the prequels, or accepting all six films. 844 more words

Six Artists Drawing a Year of Star Wars

Everyone knows 2015 is the year of Star Wars. Whether it’s a digital counter ticking away on your computer or scratching off a day on the wall calendar, fans are counting down the days to… 483 more words

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Ahsoka Lives Day at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Following the return of Ahsoka Tano in the season one finale of Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars fangirl Amy Ratcliffe approached me with an awesome idea to celebrate our favorite Togruta at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. 112 more words

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Dude's Chronicles 3-15-2015: Watching Dogs

This week was rough but there was more down time and I got back to some entertainment. We all have these times and must deal with them. 259 more words

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The 602 Club 21: Crying Droid Tears

Star Wars Rebels Season 1.

In October of 2012 it was if millions of voices suddenly cried out in joy, followed by agony, as we learned that Disney bought Lucasfilm and with that came the cancellation of The Clone Wars. 109 more words

Dude's Chronicles 3-1-2015: It's Still Winter

It’s cold, it’s snowing, it’s March. I’ll just never understand why some people expect Winter to end when February is over.

As for entertainment this week…it was a sad state of affairs. 444 more words

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Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 6 Episode 13 - Sacrifice

On Moraband, the homeworld of the Sith, the time has come for Yoda to pass his final test. Only then will he learn the best-kept secret of his order, but first he encounters a vision that heavily foreshadows what is to come. 34 more words