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Dark Disciple

Dark Disciple continues where The Clone Wars television series left off and is a fine example of how far the Jedi Order has been eroded by the war. 503 more words

Star Wars

Scum and Villainy in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

One of the hallmarks of the Star Wars franchise is the portrayal of the constant struggle between good and evil. The Jedi against the Sith, the unscrupulous bounty hunters and gangsters against the heroes, the Empire against freedom. 632 more words

Seyda's Stuff

Sideshow Collectibles' Clone Trooper Echo Lives to Fight Another Day [Review]

Though almost all of Star Wars‘ expanded history has been wiped from the holocrons, there are still a great many stories that exist as part of the new canon. 853 more words


FAN THEORY: Captain Rex's Final Fight?

Could the famous clone commander CT-7567, better known as Captain Rex, have survived not only the Clone Wars, but also the Galactic Civil War, to fight for the Rebellion in the Battle of Endor? 783 more words

Episodic Memories: Cartoon Network's "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"

Saddle up and get ready to travel to a galaxy far, far away (near Barstow, I think?), as Episodic Memories returns from its summer hiatus. Andrew and Mark look this week at Cartoon Network’s “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” and try to make as many Star Trek references as they can. 110 more words

Best Of The Best

The 6 Times Jar Jar Binks Was Totally Awesome

I don’t hate the Star Wars prequels. There, I said it. I’m not ashamed of it. I saw all three of them in the theaters and enjoyed the experience each time. 1,283 more words