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Biggs Darklighter From 'Star Wars: Episode IV' Is Finally Getting His Turn In The Spotlight

Any die-hard Star Wars fan can surely tell you about the character Biggs Darklighter, and his short part in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope… 255 more words


The Star Wars Countdown Of Champions - Episode II: May The Fourth Be With You

May the fourth be with you all on this fine day. While everyone probably knows how to spend the most official of all the days in the event calendar, I’m going to make this beautifully redundant post anyway. 677 more words


Star Wars Saturday: 'The Empire Strikes Back Uncut'

Imagine Star Wars remade by 480 DIY filmmakers, each taking 15 seconds each. We got that a few years back with Star Wars Uncut. 161 more words


Enjoy This Shot-For-Shot Remake Of 'The Empire Strikes Back' Using Nothing But Fan Clips

Star Wars fans are some of the most devoted you’ll find in all of pop culture. They wear the costumes, write the fan fiction, and buy every damn piece of merchandising under the sun. 258 more words


The Empire Strikes Back Uncut

This is really clever!  It’s a fan-made, shot-for-shot remake of Lucasfilm’s The Empire Strikes Back,

Lucasfilm’s Casey Pugh divided The Empire Strikes Back into 470 15-second segments, and invited fans to remake any of the segments in any format they chose.  125 more words


The Crowd Strikes Back

I’ll start this post by jumping back into memories. Over a year ago, I was on a night flight on my way back to Verona after pitching at the STARTinMED startup forum in Barcelona. 538 more words