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Close encounters of a Star Wars kind.

It’s no secret that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are good pals, but perhaps the best demonstration of their friendship is the fact that not even a $40 million bet has been able to come between them. 304 more words


"May the Force be with You"

A Movie Review

I’m sure you’ve seen the thousands+ reviews of this latest episode of the Star Wars legacy, but I’ll put a thought or two more for you here. 1,211 more words


Why I Think 'The Last Jedi' Is Such A Divisive Film

The Last Jedi has been out for over a month and it’s still being hotly debated by fans around the world for some of its various scenarios and unsuspected character developments. 1,668 more words


Week 1: The Journey Begins!

17/1/18 – Welcome to Orlando! Its Wednesday morning here for me, Day 2 of my official Disney program. I’m still feeling the jetlag, and might possibly be getting sick but either way, its already shaping up to be an awesome time. 1,314 more words

Week By Week

Riffs and variations on loss and friendship featuring ZZ Top, Carrie Fisher, incessant drizzle, and the reminders of absence

“I’ve got a confession. I spent too much time in my formative years masturbating to ZZ Top videos.”

“Was it the beards?”

“No, it was those spinning guitars they had. 1,236 more words