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IMR Episode 10: Going Rogue


After a long hiatus, Chris and Sara are back and ready to talk about what they’ve been watching over the break! Mostly they talk about Star Wars. Again.

Chris Sterling

Worst. Sentence. Ever!

If they wouldn’t have been released, I don’t know when I would have ended up seeing Star Wars, and if I wouldn’t have seen Star Wars…

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English Language

The Story of Rachel Rey

If you’ve read a lot of my post, you know my twin sister Beth pretty well but now it’s time you met my little sister Rachel. 815 more words

Where to go from here

According to this article from Massively Op, Bioware is definitely thinking about who the next big adversary could be for its players.  Who can top the Sith Emperor as the next major baddy to be challenged by the Outlander or the Alliance?  2,746 more words