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Anomaly Mission Logs by Katlyn Keldav - Session XLVIII

Somewhere along the line it seemed like Jacob assumed Stranger volunteered to dose the Basilisk with our new anti-toxin, but Stranger was having none of it. 4,269 more words

Campaign Notes

Dark Force Rising by Timothy Zahn

Dark Force Rising is the second book in the Thrawn trilogy. Set right after the events of Heir to the Empire, the galaxy still lacks stability between a young New Republic and the remnants of the Empire. 331 more words


Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #5 by Ethan Sacks

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (2020-) #5 by Ethan Sacks
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Well…the cover’s nice?

Other than that…well, I think all interest I had in this series drained away with #4, now I’m honestly just reading this as I’m a completionist and I have every other canon Star Wars comic. 169 more words


Introducing the Young Yoda

No, not Baby Yoda, although it’s high time for that baby Yoda species character to get it’s own name, we’re talking about a younger-ish Yoda in the High Republic series. 553 more words

King's Chronicles