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Game Battles #1: Battlefront 2 VS Force Unleashed

In this new monthly feature Discordia and I will represent two rival games in a battle to decide the champion. We will both present our arguments for our games and the winner will be decided by YOU! 478 more words


Heir to the Jedi offers us some Star Wars fan-fiction in book form

Those of us who are mega-fans of Star Wars are pretty familiar with disappointment. It’s just a normal part of life when you’re dealing with the brain child of George Lucas. 686 more words


Beyond Bossfights 20 - TGEN Tribunal 3

This month, we have a special roundtable episode that includes members of The Gaming and Entertainment podcast network. This rowdy crew saw fit to discuss all manner of gaming topics, from upcoming expansion packs to the changing mobile gaming scene to Syl’s hidden desire to shower with World of Warcraft soap. 178 more words


Star Wars legend Mark Hamill is a complete badass at signing autographs

When you’re asked for your autograph as a celebrity, simply signing your name probably gets a bit dull after a while.

Mark Hamill likes to jazz things up a bit and a collection of his autographs on old Star Wars cards, posted by… 138 more words


Frankie's 4th birthday! (Star Wars Party)

This past weekend we celebrated Frankie’s 4th birthday!

He still has a few days before he actually turns 4. (tear…)

We had a great day, with lots of family and friends. 636 more words

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Star Wars 7

Today, Patrick and (guest writer) Elliott are discussing Star Wars 7, originally released July 29th, 2015.

Patrick: Comic books are the go-to medium for fleshing out stories and characters set up in movies, TV shows and video games. 1,525 more words

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Contrasting Female Representation in Star Wars and Harry Potter

I just wanted to talk for a minute about my experience with my first two fandoms, Star Wars and Harry Potter, and what it means to, as a child, look at a story and not feel represented. 81 more words