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Disney Toybox Figures: New Teaser Images!

I meant to post about this yesterday, but oh well. SuperSorrell posted pictures on his Instagram of new blanked out teaser images for coming Disney Toybox Figures! 220 more words


Rumors/Gossip: Chapter 15

But The Force Abides

1/1/1 Y.O.

Leia turns off the transmission and sags back into the co-pilot seat of the Millennium Falcon. Her breath pours out in a long, ragged sigh. 4,323 more words

Star Wars

Rumors/Gossip: Chapter 14

The Rumor Master

1/1/1 Year of the Order

“Well, that was interesting,” General Kinear says to his associates as they slowly meander from the rally to Ren’s throne room. 4,490 more words

Star Wars

Rumors/Gossip: Chapter 12

Too Pretty To Pass Up

This is another shot that didn’t exactly have a home in the story, but was just too damn pretty not to render.

Star Wars

Rumors/Gossip: Chapter 13

The Order

2/8/36 ABY

It’s been a long time since Kylo last did this. He’s standing in the bay overlooking the flight deck, a sheet of transteel between him and the now empty, at least of ships, hangar. 5,134 more words

Star Wars

Comics From Around the Galaxy: 12/12/18

Age of Republic: Darth Maul

The first Age of the Republic comic in Marvel’s in 30-issue series was a fantastic exploration into what the Force really is to the universe at large. 220 more words

Star Wars