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Top 10 Elective Courses at the Jedi Academy

Like any great community college, the Jedi Academy offers a diverse curriculum designed to produce well-rounded graduates. Check out some of our cousin’s favorite courses (we flunked out — stupid bouncy, laser shooting ball is totally rigged) after the jump. 78 more words

Star Wars

Star Wars Review: Tales of the Jedi–Ulic Qel-Droma and the Beastriders of Onderon

In 1991, Kevin J Anderson began a prologue – a “prequel”, if you will – to the established Star Wars universe. What happened would change the world forever – but for better, or worse? 703 more words

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Adult Night at Legoland - Star Wars and Space

The last Wednesday of the month is adult night at Legoland and for the first time in forever I went. But it’s not just adult night, as in no kids,  it is also a themed event with games and prizes to be won. 929 more words


Millennium Falcon Pencil Case

This Millennium Falcon Pencil case is very nice and was on Ebay for $9.95 plus postage.

I love the way the leather(?) has been worked to continue the blueprint motif of the case.

Things That I Don't Have Yet...

The Rule of Two

I’ve combated myself on terse ground on the demeanor of which to begin this self diatribe in an appropriate manner; I’ve perused more than my share of introductions and self examinations that present the speaker in a staunch directedness that have left me feeling rather lacking in a proper and unique way of acknowledging myself prior to embarking on my own exploration into the galaxy’s ever shifting state of factualizating fiction. 656 more words

Episode 7

Tunisia - Land of History and Star Wars

I was inspired to put together my memories of traveling in Tunisia after reading about the shooting incident at the Tunisia National Museum. The incident also triggered me to write a short article about my thoughts on… 131 more words

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