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Burning Bright

‘Who am I?’ Luke whispers and the Force sprinkles a coolness into him that makes his joints aches and that reveals no answers to him.

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In Anticipation of Solo/In Respone to the Last Jedi

Can expectations live up to the hype
Or will you feel hollow disappointment?
Will you nitpick what you have seen, and gripe
‘Bout wanting more from your entertainment? 73 more words


Reylo? Or no-no?

Ok, so talking about The Last Jedi (TLJ) could take a loooong time! So this post is just gonna be about one tiny bit of TLJ, the shipping of Rey, even though she was shipped with Kylo from TFA. 371 more words

Star Wars

This Question Can Fix Star Wars: Who Are the Knights of Ren?

Who Are the Knights of Ren?

Last Jedi Spoilers Ahead!

Some people were not happy with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The film seems to have split the fans down the middle. 1,031 more words


Ramble No. 11: Songs, Slade, Circle and Snowden

I forgot to mention The Eurovision Song Contest in my last ramble. Originally I was planning to do a dedicated blog post and write it while we were watching it, but that idea went out the window pretty quickly because I’m a man and I can’t multitask. 1,292 more words


Dryden Vos, the Debonaire Gangster

The role of Dryden Vos was previously being played by another actor (I forgot his name) but after Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were booted from the production of the movie and when Ron Howard was brought on board they gave the role to Paul Bettany. 249 more words

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