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Elpi - The Star

Elpi is a sign of promise. She often shows up when you are starting to make plans. They may be very long-term and ambitious, but you are being encouraged to take whatever steps you can (even baby steps) in the right direction. 102 more words

Weekly Oracle Readings

Trappist-1, the Future Home of Mankind?

Last Week, NASA broke news about a major new discovery. They discovered a star with seven earth-like exoplanets orbiting around it. The star’s official name is 2MASS J23062928-0502285, but the unofficial name is Trappist-1. 614 more words


NSFW Overwatch Was The Star Of The Show

(Source: cosplay.kotaku.com)

Katsucon, the first big cosplay show of 2017, was held last week, and amongst all the other cool stuff on display was a collection of Overwatch cosplayers wearing, well, not very much at all. 635 more words


Where Are You?

The title of this post isn’t meant to ask where you are in a spatial location, but in terms of time.  Where are you—where are we all, for that matter—in the life of this universe?  551 more words