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The City of Brighton & Hove

Most of my anglophone best friends from this year happen to be British. I was surprised, upon arrival, to find that they nearly outnumbered the Americans, as I’d been unaware that they had a similar program to TAPIF in Britain (and they can even do it as their year abroad, during their studies). 692 more words

Adventure Stories

Just When You Thought This Starbucks Treat Couldn't Get Any Better Now It's Got a Cookie Straw

The Starbucks S’mores Frappuccino debuts on Tuesday, and the blended treat is getting an even sweeter addition: Now you can stick a “cookie straw” in your blended beverage to really round out your sugar high. 43 more words

Not long left! 28/04/15

So I’ve not updated for a few days.

I’ve started a new training routine, Wendler 531. I used this last year with good results.
I’ve upped my calories to 2400 per day, around 300g carbs, 180g protein and 55g fat. 81 more words

Starbucks recalls cookies due to undisclosed milk

SEATTLE – Starbuck announced a recall of it’s  Starbucks Black & White Mini Cookies because the contain milk which is not listed on the label. 161 more words


something you had that was stolen.

Hi, my name is Emily, and I’m a coffe-aholic:

Before I go to sleep each night, I make sure that my mug is full of water and placed next to my Keurig, a k-cup in ready position. 261 more words


It was a Starbucks-at-night kind of day

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I have some fun in store for today after work, but first…

My Monday was good, but kind of blah. I wasn’t feeling terribly well and that lasted until early afternoon. 162 more words

Cupcakes And Miles

Don't Matcha Me

I debunked an urban legend today.

Maybe that can be my new pastime.

There IS in fact a way to get iced green tea at Starbucks for only 86 cents. 135 more words

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