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A fish story

“Barc Shif!”

-attributed to Fishy Man

I saw it today. It happened at a chance meeting with the artist who is doing the cover art for my first novel, … 534 more words

Best Summer Starbucks Drinks

Starbucks is the most well known coffee shop, and it is for a good reason! They offer various flavored drinks to match any taste pallet and are refreshing to have, especially during the summer. 537 more words


to the Starbucks barista, i’m just a typo

some thoughts on names

Daniel Lee. I grab a handful of them

from the substitute teachers roll call

on a roll. She accidentally becomes God, 312 more words


Barnes & Noble/Starbucks Store

This is probably one of the largest unofficial builds for a city modular. I don’t intend to get the Prehistoric Dinosaur Museum or the Apple University, both unofficial too. 298 more words


The Coffee Crisis in Colombia, by Yanis Iqbal

by Yanis Iqbal
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Aligarh, India
July 13, 2020

With the unabated march of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic situation of Colombian coffee farmers is rapidly deteriorating. 2,203 more words

Corporations Really Suck