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Suzhou: Noodles, Gardens, and the Grand Canal

Day 5: Suzhou


I am jostled awake as the train rolls to a stop. After a moment, I remember I am on a hard sleeper train from Xi’an to Suzhou. 1,666 more words


Unicorn Frappuccino Candles Are Here And Just In Time For The Holidays

2017 will be remembered by most as the year that Starbucks decided to get nuts with some of their drinks.  Most notably would be the insanity of the Unicor Frappuccino. 145 more words


No. 197 Flat White ...please.

The exact quote is:  ” I need another coffee.” This quote was found in the movie series called Brokenwood. Series 3  The Black Widower.

Whoa …wait a minute…so today I went into Dogwood Coffee Shop on Lake Street in South Minneapolis…and I asked the young guy  if he had ever made a Flat White? 312 more words

Getting My (Coffee) Grind On

If you would have told me I’d be grinding my own coffee beans to brew fresh coffee every morning, I would’ve simply brushed it off. But here I am, nonetheless, grinding away! 126 more words

Venti in a trenta rant- antisemitism!

One of my coworkers is an antisemite. I know this because she went on an antisemitic rant in front of me and another partner a few months back. 140 more words


The Very Best Starbucks Holiday Menu Drinks Ranked

If you’re a coffee fiend and fan of Starbucks, you would know that the Seattle-based company is always adding new drinks to their holiday menu. Renowned for concocting the most festive and Instagram-worthy drinks, year in and year out, there is a lot to love. 956 more words


My favorite Starbucks drinks and hacks!!

Im OBSESSED with Starbucks! I use to go probably every single day until I realized how much money I could be using to buy other things. 254 more words