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Starbucks Is Totally Down With Your Purple Hair And Straw Fedora

Starbucks is #hip and #withit and knows what the kids like (hint: it’s sugar and bright colors). So, it’s only fair that their new lax-bro dress code reflects that, changing with the times to allow purple hair and insufferable straw hats to all who wish to wear them. 195 more words


Starbucks Is Tired Of People Using Their WiFi For Porn!

Last week it McDonalds was cracking down on customers for using porn, and now Starbucks is doing the same thing!

According to Food Beast, Starbucks has announced that they will no longer be allowing customers to stream porn through their WiFi network. 75 more words


private schools and sports clubs

I don’t believe it’s worth
mentioning as I stir
and jab this plastic straw
into my caramel whirlpool.

But I think I’ll shudder less
if I pull at my ears. 128 more words


When I was Younger

                  There was another release of a new dvd player in the newspaper, I threw it in the trash. Im only twenty but I feel like everything has changed since I was younger, every year there is a new iphone. 345 more words

The Monday pick-me up!

What do I love most about Monday(if there’s such a thing)? My coffee run! What’s your favorite Monday ritual to get you through the day? Leave a comment below.


Soooo sleepy!!!

Coffee!!!!! Yesterday wiped me out, also I took benadryl for my allergies this morning which probably isn’t helping. I am doing everything I can to stay awake at my desk right now. 40 more words

Jargons Have I Known

Customer service
Lindy hop
Sustainable food