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This Virus

The Line at Starbucks. Notice the pedestrians.

In the good old days, before the Covid-19 virus took over our lives, I would not give a second thought to jumping in my truck to go to whatever store that the thought had crossed my mind. 1,274 more words


BUSINESS | Starbucks Recoups Nearly Two-Thirds Of Comparable U.S. Sales As Stores Reopen

BUCHAREST | ROMANIA – Starbucks Corp said on Thursday it had regained nearly two – thirds of its comparable U.S. store sales from the prior year, as it reopened stores and modified operations due to the coronavirus – related restrictions. 830 more words


The Cost of Ice in Coffee - I Made a Big List of Singapore's (Black) Coffee Prices!

I’m not a bubble tea person. #hatersgonhate

It’s not about this.

I’m a coffee guy! A black-coffee, no-milk no-sugar, kick-you-in-the-face coffee guy. There’s something about the taste of black coffee that I don’t want diluted with milk n sugar. 331 more words

Discerning Drinking, Chapter Twenty-three.

Originally posted 11th April 2013

I am never one to plug the unpluggable, or market the meaningless, but something needs to be said about Starbucks’ Guatemala Antigua coffee. 280 more words

Discerning Drinking

Taste Like Heaven

*Link to the most recent WBTV article*

Oh how glorious it is.

Italy has entered ‘Phase 2’ of our COVID-19 lockdown and it is the best feeling in the world..starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 988 more words


Is the restaurant the birthplace of plastics? In fact, reducing the use of plastic is not as difficult as we imagined.

Plastic goods tend to be an integral part of human life in modern society. Regardless of the daily needs, a certain amount of plastic materials are used in furniture or supplies. 502 more words

Inbound Marketing

Approach to inbound marketing

Starbucks has strong brand recognition and a loyal consumer base so they focus more on engaging and delighting strategies. ASOS however focuses more on attracting strategies, as they have no physical stores. 729 more words