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Javy Baez Goes to Starbucks in Full Cubs Uniform Before Game

Chicago Cubs shortstop Javy Baez had a fun run to Starbucks on Friday and it was all captured on his Instagram Live.

Baez went to Starbucks and picked up his mobile order in his full Cubs uniform. 117 more words



Good video by Morgoth and others, discussing in part the alliance between corporations and the more rabidly anti-white Left. I’m old enough to remember Naomi Klein’s… 584 more words

The light and saving grace of truth

This past Tuesday, the editor of The Lancaster News called after reading my blog entry “Born this Way.” He asked if I would be willing to publish it in the paper as a column. 894 more words

Sundays in Starbucks or: how I learned to stop worrying and love soulless corporate coffee chains

I grew up in a pre-coffee shop universe. It seems almost impossible to believe now, but just as the internet was something you could access only when you’d been able to negotiate thirty minutes unfettered use of the phone line, there was a time and a place where your only hot beverage options were ‘coffee’, ‘tea’ or ‘hot chocolate’. 618 more words

The Land Before Starbucks

When my sons were much younger they loved dinosaurs, specifically the animated series of movies starring a group of singing dinosaurs called Land before Time… 541 more words

Zamour Johnson, a.k.a Topb0y, Speaks on Taking the Plunge into Drone Photography, Working with Nike, and Communicating Your Worth to Clients

Listen, in the ever-growing gig economy, millennials are finally taking that leap now, more than ever, on betting on themselves. For most creatives, the traditional 9-5 work routine is getting old, and they’re searching and longing for that flexibility, freedom and personal fulfillment. 977 more words

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